'Person of Interest' Recap: Crime Never Looked So Good
'Person of Interest' Recap: Crime Never Looked So Good
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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Reese picked an excellent time to rejoin the team because the mission in this week's episode of Person of Interest, "Provenance," just seems like fun. Not since every episode of White Collar has being a thief looked so appealing. I blame my legitimate employment on the fact that my parents never let me take gymnastics.

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She Stuck the Landing

The Machine gives the number for Kelly Lin, an event planner who is organizing a major museum benefit. They think the danger has to do with a series of high-end thefts, so everyone gets fancy and goes undercover. Shaw remains flawless while doing so, refusing to deviate from her standard messy ponytail and getting annoyed about having to save a man from choking to death. Just wanted to take a minute to say again how much I love her.

In the middle of the benefit the thief strikes again. She's revealed to be Kelly during an ensuing fight with Shaw, but she flips off into the night before Shaw can detain her. Shaw then manipulates her way back into the gallery and overhears an Interpol officer discussing the thief's MO, which includes hiring and later killing decoys. The team tracks Kelly to a bar, where she hands the stolen goods over to a guy she clearly doesn't like named Cyril. They make zero attempt to try and recover this priceless masterpiece even though they are literally 10 feet away.

A Librarian's Worst Nightmare

A little research reveals that Kelly is actually a former Chinese gymnast who won a silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She was later abruptly and mysteriously cut from the roster.

Shaw breaks into her apartment and uses her badass drifter ESP to find the location of Kelly's next heist. She's planning to steal the Gutenberg Bible, and you can practically feel Finch having a stroke at the very thought of anything happening to such a book.

Shaw stops Kelly from stealing the Bible -- but plot twist! Kelly is only working for Cyril because he has her daughter hostage. After her pregnancy ended her gymnastics career, Kelly was left so broke that she had to pawn her medal for medical care. She stole from Cyril and his organization, and has been trying to pay off her debt ever since. Naturally, the team can't let anything happen to a child, so they decide to get their Ocean's Eleven on.

The Heist

Finch was really missing his calling with all those years of developing world-changing computers and saving countless lives. The man was clearly made to organize major crimes. The Bible is kept in a building with what seems to be more security than all major government facilities in the world combined, so they have to have everything planned to the second. It requires precision, teamwork and a stick-on mustache. The mustache is really what holds it all together.

It's so much fun to watch everyone seamlessly play their part in this job. Fusco tips off Interpol in order to get the book moved to a specific location. Reese and his mustache get Shaw into the building before distracting security by pretending to be the thief. Shaw and Kelly get into the room using fingerprints swiped by Fusco and 3D printed by Finch. Finch neutralizes the thermal security system, and Kelly gymnastics her way into the cage containing the Bible. By the time Interpol and security have figured out what's happening, the team and the first-ever printed book are both gone.

I'm Not Crying, It's Just Been Raining on My Face

Of course, no one can really count on Cyril to keep his word about freeing Kelly and her daughter. So the team makes sure Interpol gets evidence that Kelly was coerced and then they swoop in on the hand-off. Reese has somehow made it to wherever they were holding Kelly's daughter and saves her. Are these guys bumming rides on the TARDIS or something? It always seems to take them an absurdly short amount of time to travel. Maybe the laws of physics stop applying when you have enough money to buy them.

Since he's already gotten the credit for recovering the Gutenberg Bible, the Interpol officer says, "Eh, screw it," and lets Kelly go. She's finally reunited with her adorable child and the team is finally reunited with alcohol. They're all pretty proud of themselves, but such a feat of teamwork only reminds them that Carter isn't there anymore. They pour her a drink, and I drown myself in tears.

Person of Interest airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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