'Person of Interest' Recap: A Night for Revenge
'Person of Interest' Recap: A Night for Revenge
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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This week's Person of Interest, "Most Likely To..." has not one but TWO numbers, the first of which dies about a minute into the episode. Leona Wainwright, a personnel clerk with the government, is killed by Vigilance in a suicide bombing. This is a difficult loss for the team, although Reese and Shaw are pumped that they no longer have to see Mamma Mia!

"Everyone's Exactly the Same ... Except Fatter"

The second number is Matthew Reed, a criminal prosecutor. Because almost seeing Mamma Mia! wasn't torturous enough, Reese and Shaw now have to go undercover at his high school reunion. Some of the people they meet are:

  • Doug, the guy voted "Best Listener" who now likes to discuss mustard in depth.
  • Phil, a scary looking guy.
  • Three separate women who slap Reese for his alter-ego's slutty teenage ways.
  • A stoner whose name I didn't catch, but his stoner status is really all you need to know about him.

Reese and Shaw quickly learn that Matthew's past may be what's put him in danger. His high school girlfriend, Claire, was found dead in his car right before graduation, and everyone assumed that he killed her. The official police report lists her cause of death as an accidental overdose, but no one was really convinced. Especially not Doug, who was Claire's best guy friend and secretly pined for her.

Someone at the reunion wants to make sure that Matthew can't put this event behind him, and begins leaving horribly disturbing reminders. TV screens are hacked to show crime scene footage of the night Claire died, a mannequin with a "Claire" nametag is dropped from the ceiling and the goodie bags are filled with the drug Claire overdosed with. 

Most Likely to Be a Terrible Person

Reese and Shaw naturally suspect Doug, but they're soon distracted by other issues. Matthew realizes that Shaw isn't the person she's pretending to be, both because Shaw is much hotter than her alter ego and because she's blatantly too young to have been part of their class. More troubling, Phil turns out to be an imposter, and he and Reese have it out. When Reese inevitably kicks his ass, Phil cracks a cyanide caplet tooth, an act of craziness that identifies him as part of Vigilance. Reese realizes that he and Shaw are being targeted.

Before they can deal with this turn of events, Doug gets a text from "Claire" telling him to meet her in the chemistry lab. When he gets there, he finds Matthew and a suicide note signed with his own name. It turns out that Doug wasn't just Claire's best friend, he was also a Nice Guy. Let me be clear, there is a difference between a nice guy and a Nice Guy. A nice guy is a guy who is genuinely nice. A Nice Guy is a guy who thinks treating a woman with a basic level of human decency means he is physically and emotional entitled to that woman.

Doug got fed up with listening to Claire's problems without getting any sexual favors in return, so he attempted to rape her by drugging her to the point at which she would find him attractive. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this was the point of death.

Matthew and his lawyer skills figured this out before the reunion and came with the intent of killing Doug. But Shaw and Reese arrive before he can do so, and before they can say much, a gunfight with Vigilance ensues. Shaw defeats them with her smarts, Matthew realizes he's not a killer and Doug gets arrested. All in all, not the worst reunion ever.

Road Trip!

While all of this is happening, Finch and Fusco are on a field trip to Washington, DC. They want to retrieve the information in Leona's office, since they believe that's what she was killed for. By the time they get there, though, the FBI has already confiscated the physical copies and wiped the electronic copies from existence.

Luckily, Finch has a handy safe-cracking gadget, and he and Fusco break into the FBI for the files. Finch finds a budget list pertaining to Northern Lights, aka the Machine. But before he can get away with the files, Collier and Vigilance show up and take them. By now, Collier has figured out that there's a massive spying system in place, though he doesn't know the specifics of the Machine. Root swoops in and prevents Collier from abducting Finch and Fusco, but Vigilance gets away with the files.

Out of Control

And then finally, finally, after years of unbelievable invasiveness and blatant disregard for their civil liberties, the American people start to find out about the Machine. Collier leaks the incriminating budget report, and though government officials vehemently deny the Machine's existence, the cat's out of the bag. People may not know for sure, but they have some evidence of the Machine, and there's no way that information is going anywhere. It's a scandal with the power to sustain CNN for decades.

The senator who had to make press conferences about the leak storms into Control's office, livid that his job and freedom are now at risk. He orders that the entire project be shut down, and though she initially refuses, Control gives the order. We end the episode with her taking a file with Collier's picture and shredding it.

What could this mean? Is Vigilance actually working for Control? Does she simply know about them? How exactly could she shut down the Machine, since it's operating autonomously from an unknown location? This episode leaves us with a lot of wonderful questions, so feel free to share any theories you have here! 

Person of Interest returns to CBS on Tuesday, April 15 at 10pm.

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