'Person of Interest' Preview: Finch and Reese are Sent to the Hospital in 'Critical'
'Person of Interest' Preview: Finch and Reese are Sent to the Hospital in 'Critical'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Person of Interest season 2 continues Thursday November 15 with an episode called "Critical." According to the preview videos, it looks like the case may bring up some not-so-pleasant memories for Finch. 

In the preview video, we find out that this week's POI is a doctor who could sort of end up being both victim and perpetrator in this case. It looks like some bad guys have kidnapped loved one of a heart surgeon and they're going to force her to botch a patient's surgery so that he dies on her table. If The Machine hadn't found them out, it really could have been the perfect crime. A person dies during a tricky surgery (I think any heart surgery must be trick) and no one would ever question it. 

Will Reese and Finch be able to stop the surgeon before she is forced to kill one of her patients, as well as save the person that the bad guys have threatened? Guess we'll have to tune in tonight and see. 

Here are a few more things we know from the video:

  • Finch's memories of spending a lot of time in hospitals will be addressed, but is it only from the accident that injured his back?
  • Reese has to keep an eye on Amy (the surgeon's loved one), which could leave the surgeon herself exposed. 
  • Finch will be out in the field again helping Reese, this time dressing up as a doctor. 
  • It looks like Finch may reveal himself to their POI, at least enough to get her to ask him for help. 

In the sneak peek clip, Reese and Finch make their way into the hospital where their POI works. Finch goes in under the guise of a Platinum Donor and Reese as his Asset Manager. Once inside they get the chance to meet the woman whose life they are there to protect. 

Here are a few more things we know from the clip.

  • Finch is not above helping to pay for a wing or two of a hospital to get access to a POI. 
  • Finch is pretty sneaky with a pair of glasses that they've already bugged. 
  • The patient that Maddie has to kill appears to be someone already in danger. 

What do you think after watching the previews for this episode of Person of Interest? How do you think Finch will get himself into the operating room with their POI? How will they manage to protect both Maddie and Amy from the bad guys?

Person of Interest airs Thursday nights at 9pm on CBS. 

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