Meet Bear: The Furry New Cast Member on 'Person of Interest'
Meet Bear: The Furry New Cast Member on 'Person of Interest'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Person of Interest has added a new cast member to season 2 and while he may be a little furrier than the rest of the team, Bear has already proven that he can contribute just as much as everyone else. 

Meet Bear, a dog of many talents

Bear (played by an animal actor named "Boker") joined the team in the season 2 premiere episode when Reese "adopted" him from a gang member. Okay so maybe Reese kind of stole him, but I'm betting Bear is much happier where he is now than with that gang. Bear is a very talented dog, he has shown that he will not only protect the members of his new "pack," but also takes commands in Dutch - a skill that has already been quite useful to Reese. 

An integral part of Team Machine

Finch was reluctant to welcome Bear onto Team Machine, but it didn't take long until Bear's winning personality won out. Now Bear spends most of his time with Finch behind the scenes, but just because he's not always out in the action with Reese, it doesn't mean Bear's not an integral part of the team. In last week's episode (LINK) for instance, Bear played a part in getting Finch over his fears of going outside. 

Follow Bear on Twitter

If you really want to get to know Bear, you should follow him on Twitter at BearDeHond. Yes, you'll have to take the extra steps to translate his tweets from Dutch, but trust me it's well worth it. Though many of his tweets are about food (he is a dog after all), he also provides behind-the-scenes info on filming, as well as insights into life in general. 

One of Bear's recent tweets read: "Een wijs man zoekt het in zichzelf, een dwaas zoekt het in anderen." Which translates to: "A wise man seeks it in himself, a fool seeks it in others". That sounds like one very wise canine to me. 

What do you think of the newest addition to Team Machine? Have you fallen head-over-heels in love with Bear like I have? Don't forget to watch Bear and the rest of the Person of Interest team on Thursdays at 9pm on CBS. If not, Reese just may sic Bear on you.

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