'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Keep Up, Clemenza
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Keep Up, Clemenza
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight on Hell's Kitchen, we have the exhilarating conclusion to the first ever Fashion Night held in Chef Gordon Ramsay's reality restaurant. We left off with Ramsay explaining how dinner service will play out. Kimmie will be helping to plate for the Red Team, while Royce will assist with the Blue Team. No problem there, right? Well, in all the excitement, Clemenza used up four servings of scallops by cooking them before the first ticket is even submitted. Do you think Clemenza will survive tonight's service? Or will he go down in flames before the doors even open?

With beautiful women strutting their stuff along the walkway, it looks as if the Blue Team might have a hard time keeping focus. Don't go celebrating a Red victory just yet! Sabotage is on their menu tonight and the outcome does not look very pretty.

"I need everyone, please, in their clothes ... now!" is definitely a way to open up the show. Don't worry, the chefs aren't cooking in the nude. The fashion show stage manager is only directing the models. Meanwhile, in the Blue kitchen, Chef Ramsay is yelling at Clemenza over the early scallops. He survives for dinner service, though.

The men don't forget about their challenge ahead of them. No, it's not finishing service; it's the models. Patrick suggests blinders. "You know what my blinder is?" says Brian. "It's Chef Ramsay!" That would be enough for me.

The first set of models walk the runway. It's time for appetizers.

The Red Team is crumbling in on itself and as much as Tiffany is complaining about Barbie, her scallops arrive at the window raw. All blame is being put on Barbie. At least, I think it is. There's so many words bleeped out that it's hard to tell.

Clemenza may have fired up the scallops early, but at least they have food leaving the kitchen. There are a TON of scallops being ordered, though. Not to jinx anyone but ... we shall see.

Back in the Red kitchen, no one wants to let Robyn help them. And somehow this is a big deal.

"Clemenza, you're holding us up!" announces Ramsay. He makes the excuse that there are just too many orders. "...unless you want me to put two pans on my [expletive] and start cooking back there," answers Scallop Man. This could be his downfall.

Forty minutes into dinner service, the Red team has finished their appetizers. The Blue kitchen, on the other hand, is holding up the fashion show. Royce has to go backstage and let the stage manager know that they need another five minutes. He also thinks that he'll score a model date, too.

The second part of the show is underway.

"So there's a few boobies and stuff like that running around," says Guy. As he's watching the women, his pan catches on fire. Talk about embarrassing!

Robyn is freaking out in the other kitchen because she's scared her beef isn't fully cooked. "That's perfectly cooked," yells Ramsay. She got lucky.

Poor Clemenza. The swordfish is HIS dish and he's having the hardest time handing it to the window. One of the filets stick to the pan! Luckily, he makes up for it.

Robyn overcooks her beef. So why not go to Plan B? "Someone, go over to the other kitchen and ask for more beef," she asks her teammates. Christina runs over, but she's too scared to actually ask the Blue Team a word.  Smart. "It's a competition, you silly cow!" is what Ramsay would have yelled at Christina instead of Robyn. As punishment, Robyn must go to the table and inquire if the diners would want any other substitution.

Tiffany takes over as leader of her kitchen, while Guy's time to shine has come for the Blue kitchen. That light soon dims as Guy's beef comes to the pass cold. Leader of the Red kitchen, Tiffany, has now handed Ramsay cold swordfish.

Kimmie plates for the Red kitchen nervously, but nicely. Royce cleans the plates with an obviously dirty towel. Ramsay makes him sit down.

That's it! Both teams have finished dinner service and the fashion show finishes up.

Chef Ramsay makes a shocking discovery in the Blue kitchen. Eleven cooked swordfish. Clemenza and Royce argue back and forth over the number of orders like school children.

Dinner Service Winner: The Red Team

Robyn jumps on Kimmie's back, showing off their mended friendship.

The Blue Team goes back to the dorms and discusses who to nominate. Clemenza's name pops up first. The second nominee is a little more difficult to figure out.

The Red Team won, but that doesn't mean Robyn can let bygones be bygones. She takes Christina into the bedroom to ask her about her hesitation with the whole "borrow their beef" situation. "There's no I in team," Robyn tells the cameras.

Brian's name is suggested for nominations by Guy, whose name already came up and he is not happy. "If it wasn't for me, we all would've been [expletive]," he yells before taking frustrations out on the punching bag. Now Clemenza figures he should toss Patrick's name out there. Roshni can't make up her mind about anybody.


Roshni can hardly make up her mind, yet she's the Blue Team's spokesperson. Clemenza is still the more obvious nominee. But will Guy or Brian join him before Chef Ramsay? Guy steps down for the second time.

"I fight everyday," pleads Guy. Clemenza claims he's "been an asset to this team since the beginning." The majority seem to want Clemenza to go home. He puts up a great fight, calling out his teammates for wanting to send him home after putting out better food than them. Does this save him?

Eliminated: Guy

"I got more love from the Red Team tonight," says Clemenza. "Go figure."

Tomorrow on Hell's Kitchen, make sure you tune in as famous fighters Sugar Ray Leonard and Tito Ortiz dine in. Will the remaining 12 cheftestants serve up perfection? Or will they be down for the count?

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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