'Project Runway' Recap: Team Threesome
'Project Runway' Recap: Team Threesome
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The month of February has come to an end, but season 11 of Project Runway: Teams is just kicking into high gear. Yes, we have graduated to a new level, a level with senior citizens!

Tonight, the designers will be working with new clients and models, the elderly! Will this be more Off Their Rockers? Or possibly lean a bit to the Driving Miss Daisy side? Let's find out!

We intro tonight's festivities with words from Michelle who has been jilted by being in the bottom since this season began. "I don't know," she says, "I must have kicked a bunny when I was little." Let's hope this doesn't set the tone for the rest of the show.

Since Michelle's partner Matt was eliminated last week, Heidi brings out the infamous button bag once again. As long as she doesn't have to work with slow-as-ever Patricia, Michelle can breathe a sigh of relief. Here are the teams:

Stanley and Richard
Kate and Tu
Amanda and Benjamin
Samantha and Daniel
Layana, Michelle and Patricia (Oh no!)

The teams take a trip to the Midtown Loft Dance Hall where they encounter Tim and a very energized bunch of elderly women getting their jazzercise on. Yes, folks. Each designer is being assigned a senior citizen.

Ageless Challenge: Each team member will design a fashionable look for their mature client and model.

Patricia is very quick to ensure her client's peace of mind, saying, "I've been on the top a lot of times so don't worry." Okay, "Slowpoke" we'll see about that.

In the Workroom, things seem to be coming alone for each of the teams except for one. Benjamin is worried about Amanda who is rapidly sinking into a downward spiral of anxiety. She's grabbed a 70's-esque orange and blue pattern for her client, yet forgotten about how exactly to structure the thing. 

On the other side, you have Team Threesome, as Tim aptly names them. Michelle and Layana are also working with very bold patterns, yet their visions look promising. This really cannot be said less for Patricia who has thrown together, what looks to be, a poncho. It is ugly, but she stands by it.

Let us pause a moment for Guess What Happens Next!

Benjamin's client Holly is an adorably feisty comedienne. During her fitting, she notices Stanley, hard at work, standing in the aisle. So guess what happens next.

a. She pardons herself and simply passes by.
b. Goes the long way round, talking with other designers and taking up time.
c. Gooses Stanley, pinching his behind.

You guessed it! Holly gooses him and then justifies her actions, saying, "I had too. It was tempting!"

Patricia's client is very visibly unhappy by her poncho and rightfully so because anyone else who can see it is most likely just confused. Luckily for everyone, Patricia finally pumps the brakes, tosses her poncho idea and starts fresh. Oh yeah. She's taking this one down to the wire ... again.

It's time for the Runway!

Sitting in for Zac Posen tonight is designer Rachel Roy, joined by Heidi (of course) Nina Garcia and special guest judges Joan and Melissa Rivers. Why Melissa ALWAYS has to be wherever her mother is, I really cannot say, but it is annoying.

Before getting to the best or worst looks of the evening, Heidi turns the attention to Team Threesome who is safe for the week. Michelle and Layana are actually given high scores for their patterns and flattering structures, yet Patricia has held them back. It's all about the team, ladies, and Patricia is the reason her team lost!

Best Looks

Daniel - His client wanted something for a night out on an upcoming cruise, so he created a sexy, black suit. The judges love it, but Joan was looking for more sex appeal and less of the "first wife" look.

Samantha - Showing off her client's slimmed down figure and tattoos, Samantha fused leopard print with sexy, edgy and cute. Nina says the garment sends "mixed signals."

Stanley - With a tall and slim frame, Stanley's client wanted something classic. She wears a regal purple suit that matches her demeanor effortlessly. The only problem is that the pants could be a little bit longer.

Richard - There isn't really much to this design. She wanted comfortable and it's exactly what she got. Basically, it's a t-shirt dress. Mint green with black trim that hangs off one shoulder. Rachel names it "the most youthful." 

Worst Looks

Amanda - This is a patterned trainwreck and she knows it. While it was supposed to be an imitation of the 50's housewife dress, it just turned out to be one large mistake.

Benjamin - Feisty Holly wanted a party dress and she's given skin tight discomfort, in turquoise. Plus, there are construction issues. The skirt is lopsided!

Tu - Poor Tu has never designed for a mature client before and we can all tell. It's just poor sewing and leaving too much fabric that ultimately weighs her down. Then the judges find that Kate stepped in at the last minute to sew a belt around her waist in order to keep the dress from flying open and revealing her unmentionables!

Kate - The black sweater might look too dark and heavy for the white floral skirt that sits below, but the judges actually love it. 

So who stays and who goes?

Challenge Winner: Stanley
Eliminated: Benjamin

"In my heart," says Benjamin on his leaving the competition, "I just don't feel like the right thing happened." Neither do Michelle and Layana because Patricia should be going home. Don't you agree?

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the designers travel back to high school. Students will vote on designs created out of duct tape. You won't want to miss out! Tune in to Lifetime.

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