'Party Down': Why Megan Mullaly's Character Isn't As Nice As She Seems
'Party Down': Why Megan Mullaly's Character Isn't As Nice As She Seems
One of our favorite comedies, Party Down, is returning this Friday night on Starz, and it's perhaps the best time to discover what the show really is all about. Sure, it's tucked away in a cable channel that not everybody has, but it didn't stop the show--it's a comedy about Hollywood wannabes getting by as caterers--from making it in many best-of-TV lists.

This season, things are going to be a little different. Now that Jane Lynch has achieved her Hollywood goals--I meant Sue Sylvester in Fox's Glee, of course--someone has to fill the hole Constance left behind. Cue Megan Mullaly, who joins as infectiously optimistic newcomer Lydia Dunfree.

"Lydia has moved to Hollywood from the Midwest with her 13-year-old daughter, Escapade, who is going to be the next Hannah Montana," Mullaly, perhaps best known for her role in NBC's Will & Grace, told Advocate.com. "Lydia's very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, extremely optimistic, superfriendly, and she loves everybody. Most of the other caterers are pretty cynical, so it's a bit of a jolt for them when Lydia bursts onto the scene. But she's got so much goodwill that they can't resist her."

Although she isn't as nice as she seems, turns out. "Lydia surprises you," Mullaly added. "She seems so dorky and naïve--and she is dorky and naïve--but there's an episode where we cater an orgy, and she's just really determined to get the host of the orgy to be her new husband so she can put a roof over Escapade's head and take her to all her auditions. So if it were for the betterment of her daughter's future, she'd probably go there."

Mullaly will have quite some work to do, as three of Party Down's cast are poised to leave: Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan and Ryan Hansen have scored roles in several network pilots, pretty much what Lynch did with Glee. But they'll still be around in the upcoming season, and I'll bet there's still a lot of fun to be had.

Starz is upping the ante on Friday's season premiere: the network's website already allows you to watch two episodes from the upcoming season in advance. They're also launching an iPhone game, where you can act as a waiter, serving an increasing number of drinks in a pretty small tray. Now, if their cynicism was part of the deal, I'll snap that up.

Party Down returns this Friday from 10pm on Starz.

(Image courtesy of Starz)