The Best Moments from Last Night's NBC Thursday Night Comedy Block
The Best Moments from Last Night's NBC Thursday Night Comedy Block
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Watch clips and read my favorite parts from the first two hours of NBC's Thursday Night comedy block last night, then share your own!

I didn't watch Perfect Couples again (because I'm single and it's forbidden) or Outsourced (because I do not like that show) but feel free to chat it up about those, too. I watched Archer and Jersey Shore instead. Did you watch Archer? Archer is great.

PS: As always, all these full episodes are available to watch on and Hulu. Happy Friday to us!

Parks and Recreation: "Flu Season"
Is it possible to count the entire 22 minutes as the "best moment"? Because there is not a moment of "Flu Season" that did not fill me with absolute joy. Especially Leslie wearing her pants as a scarf. Also especially everything else. I also plan on using "Good evening, everyone. I'm Leslie Monster, and this is Nightline" soon in real life, so I hope the strangers I say it to are Parks and Rec fans. As they should be. This show makes my heart sing.

The Office: "Seminar"

DAVID BRENT! Go here to watch him meet Michael and read my thoughts on Ricky Gervais's cameo. All in all, it was a solid episode, but the Gervais cameo really made it. Also: Who else has actually seen Suspiria? I once had a roommate whose movie choices eerily aligned with Gabe's. That movie is NUTS.

Community: "Celebrity Pharmacology"
It was different, it was dark, and it had me audibly saying "What the eff?" multiple times. Also, laughing. So I'd say all in all, a great episode of Community--although I'm still weirded out by Brita's nephew, though I can't decide if I think that relationship was over- or under-explained. And did you catch the end, with Annie and the announcer at "Dildopolis"? It's a gem. Here you go:

30 Rock: "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning"
DENNIS! Dennis is my favorite. I wish he was on 30 Rock all the time. But I guess I'll settle for this cameo (and those Allstate Mayhem commercials):

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