Sneak Peeks: 'Parks and Rec' Has Parker Posey, Carrey in 'The Office,' Josh Holloway on 'Community'
Sneak Peeks: 'Parks and Rec' Has Parker Posey, Carrey in 'The Office,' Josh Holloway on 'Community'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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We heard reports about the Office finale guest star rampage a couple weeks ago, but the teaser video after last Thursday's "Goodbye Michael Scott" (watch the preview again below!) made the news feel real: Spader, Tate, Romano, Arnett, Gervais and Jim Carrey are all coming to Scranton to "throw their hats in the ring" to replace Michael. Although Mindy Kaling has been tweeting character details that hint not all the roles will be middle-management material.

One thing we now know for sure: Ray Romano will be wearing glasses. It looks weirder than I thought it would.

With three more episodes to go in season 7, The Office has a lot of ground to cover, starting with getting rid of Deangelo, and this preview shows we'll have plenty of laughs along the way.

And they're not the only ones with exciting guest stars! This Thursday, the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department will visit the fancy-pants Eagleton government to discuss a pressing fencing issue, and they'll be met by the legendarily hilarious Parker Posey. Meanwhile, Community's upcoming double-episode paintball epic will get some heavy-lifting help from super-hot (per usual) Josh Holloway. Watch the clips now:

I have a feeling she is absolutely delightful in person, but Parker Posey is the best at playing snobs. Just like Josh Holloway is the best at playing grizzled-handsome:

More Community previews featuring Josh Holloway right here.

Here's that Office preview again. Which guest star are you most excited to see? Something about Jim Carrey's hat and awkward facial expression has me pretty stoked.

It's probably time for Jack Donaghy to update his NBC programming strategy pie chart with a new slice: "Guest stars, guest stars, guest stars."

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