'Parks & Recreation' Star Nick Offerman Wants You To Grow A Beard
'Parks & Recreation' Star Nick Offerman Wants You To Grow A Beard
As Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, Nick Offerman has a pretty awesome beard. Now he wants guys to grow one too - as a way of conserving water to recognize World Environment Day on June 5.

Offerman has partnered with Budweiser as the face of their "Grow One, Save A Million" campaign. The concept is that men make a pledge to stop shaving in the days leading up to World Environment Day next week, and in doing that, the company hopes to save a million gallons of water.

According to press materials, "the majority of people do not know that the typical shave uses anywhere from three to ten gallons of water, on average, and that about five gallons of water can be saved for each shave that is skipped."

Ladies, don't worry, you can get involved, too. You can take the pledge on behalf of the man in your life, or contribute in other ways, such as agreeing to take a shorter shower, or even just turn the faucet off while you're brushing your teeth.

More information about the "Grow One, Save A Million" campaign is available on Facebook.

Nick also talked with me about what it's like to be a cult favorite character who appears on T-shirts, and lent his professional woodworking experience to help me answer a burning question: how would Gibbs get that boat out of his basement on NCIS? For the answer and more, watch the video interview below.

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