Sex, Lies and Celebrity Video Tapes
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Another day, another celebrity sex tape. Suuure, the stars didn't want anyone to see it. (So perhaps not pressing record should have been their first move.)

The latest "celebrity" ready for her closeup: Danielle Staub, resident crazy person and "prostitution whore" of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to TMZ, a 75-minute filmed sexscapade of Staub is about to hit the market with the help of Hustler. The sex tape features Jersey's most hated Housewife with an unknown man and was filmed last September -- after Staub had already appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Of course, Staub is no stranger to scandal; she was the subject of a book "Cop Without a Badge" that detailed her felonious first husband and her own arrests, including her admittance to selling sex. And of course, Staub isn't the first (or last) celebrity to have a sex tape.

Here are a few of the new and notable TV star sex tapes:

Chelsea Handler: Just this April, the E! TV funny lady found herself in the midst of a sex scandal when Radar said they had a decade old tape of the comedienne en flagrante. Handler swore that the tape was "done for a comedy bit years ago" but didn't seem to find the leak funny at all.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J:  It's a two reality star sex tape for the price of one! In 2007, Vivid Entertainment leaked a homemade porno starring the big bootied reality princess and R&B singer and VH1 reality star Ray-J.

Paris Hilton:  Paris Hilton's private night-vision romp with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon was one of the best-selling porno flicks of the '00s and helped make Paris a household name.

Kendra Wilkinson: The former Girls Next Door star and Hef gf was the latest star (before Staub) to have a xxx tape surface. The video shows an 18-year-old Kendra having sex with a pre-Hef boyfriend, and though the former Playmate is purportedly embarrassed about the tapes, they're also going to make her very rich. Kendra signed a six-figure initial payment for the videos and the video boasts Vivid's largest advanced sales.

Dustin Diamond: As yucky as the prospect of a Danielle Staub sex tape is, it has nothing on the 2006 release of Screeched, a porn featuring Saved By the Bell's lovable nerd. Lovable sure, but Screech making love? No, thank you.

Pamela Anderson:  Long before Pam sexed up Dancing with the Stars, she was the star of two notable celebrity sex tapes. The first, a stolen honeymoon video of Pam and then-husband Tommy Lee, opened the floodgates of celebrity sex tapes. In 2005, another raunchy video of Pam surfaced starring Pam and fellow reality TV Star Bret Michaels.

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