[Video] 'Parenthood' Meets 'FNL': Landry's Band Gets a New Sound, Max Learns About Lesbians
[Video] 'Parenthood' Meets 'FNL': Landry's Band Gets a New Sound, Max Learns About Lesbians
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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Crucifictorious records at the Luncheonette. You read that correctly. These words will only make sense to Parenthood and Friday Night Lights fans alike. That's right, beloved worlds collide in a four-part digital series that debuts with part one tonight on nbc.com. A hilarious and fun twist, this will give Parenthood fans something to do until it returns after the Olympics on February 27, and bring up serious nostalgia for FNL fans as well.

Amber and Max Together Again

Amber, the "senior executive managerial creative adviser" of the Luncheonette (and sporting an East Dillon High School t-shirt) is tasked with watching Max while setting up a secret recording session for friends of friends. In an effort to expand his budding photography skills, Max records Amber on his phone to get a sense of what she does at the Luncheonette. He catches her making plans with a band to come record after hours and is relentless, as always, in his questioning her about it. 

I have always admired and enjoyed the dynamic between Amber and Max. It is a fun, sweet cousin relationship and there is definitely not enough of it on the show anymore. 


These friends show up and we get to see Jesse Plemmons reprise his role as Landry. Just to hear him in his southern drawl introduce himself as Landry Clarke brings back serious nostalgia for Friday Night Lights and erases all bad feelings about his role on the final season of Breaking Bad

Though Amber is worried about Adam and Crosby finding out about this secret session now that Max is there to witness it, she allows the session with the finely oiled machine that is Crucifictorious to continue. She and "Lance" have fun chemistry right off the bat with their matching cardigans and banter. With all the original members, Crucifictorious has evolved from a "christian speed metal" focus to more of a sound that "makes you want to cry and slap your grandma." 

Texas Forever

Much to Amber's dismay, Billy Riggins shows up with his usual fare: a bunch of booze and a big party of people. While the party carries on, Max learns about lesbians, answers questions about whether or not Amber is single, and records the whole thing.

Amber records their song with the group partying around them, but is frazzled the whole time and concerned that she is doing a terrible job. We discover that Mindy has kicked Billy out and he follows the band around as a bit of a roadie/groupie. Amber recognizes Billy after awhile and asks after his brother Tim. I love that in this universe, she and Tim Riggins once hooked up. Hilarious. 


While Amber plays the song back to the band, Billy puts his foot through the bass drum and she ends up kicking everyone out. The Luncheonette is a mess that she now has to clean up, while Billy teaches Max to throw a football. 

Landry assures Amber that he liked the recording and they have a cute moment where they kiss goodbye. It is such a mishmash of universes and I love it. I am completely on board if they want to do this indefinitely!

Before Max leaves with Adam, he reminds Amber that she owes him two scorpions for keeping his mouth shut. And we are back to the Parenthood universe once again. That is, until the doors swing shut to reveal the Luncheonette has been tagged with Texas Forever. 

This is part one of a four-part digital series that will continue to air until Parenthood returns on February 27 on NBC.

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