Spoiler Alert: 'Parenthood' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Parenthood' Spoilers
Team Braverman is back in full swing with season 3 of Parenthood. Season 2 left us with many questions. Yet the cast and crew are very good about keeping certain things about the series very tightlipped.

Many of the summer rumors that were floating about have already had light shed on them in the first few episodes such as Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby's (Dax Shepard) business venture or Amber (Mae Whitman) moving out and supporting herself by taking on a position at a local coffee shop.

So can one really say there are Parenthood spoilers to rave about? Not entirely. The show can be given the right to pride themselves on actually surprising their viewers and doing it well, mind you.

Therefore, join me in some good, old fashioned speculation. We obviously have open ended questions and we want them answered. So let us take a few key areas and discuss the supposed he said/she said.

Braverman Babies

Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam are expecting their third child, a little girl. As of the last episode, it became apparent that the reality of having another child with Asperger's could be daunting. Max (Max Burkholder) has proven to be a beautiful struggle through the past two seasons, but could they do it all over again? It has to be hard enough on the couple with financial issues and raising a teenage daughter. Let's give them a break.

Play Parenthood Trivia

Julia (Erica Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) want a second child, yet have come to the realization that adoption is their answer. Should Julia push her efforts in convincing Zoe the coffee girl to hand over her baby? I would hope this does not come to pass. Imagine when the kid gets to high school. "Yeah, my parents traded me for a latte, cool huh?" No.

Relationships: the Good, the Bad and the ... Really?

The good would have to be Adam and Crosby's new business relationship, I think. Hopefully, most would agree. Yes, this is a huge risk for Adam to be taking with everything going on in his personal life, but doesn't that make it the perfect time to venture? While this move seems like a good one, the issue between Adam and Crosby's sons Max and Jabbar (Tyree Brown) will supposedly shake things up for the brothers turned business partners.

Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Alex (Michael Jordan) take the bad category, no doubt about it. From the beginning, I have rooted for the two and wanted their relationship to succeed on some level. Yet now that Alex's ghosts have fallen out of the closet and more of the Braverman family are becoming involved, it just seems like a bad idea. Do you think this relationship has hit its peak? Is there a possibility to recover from something so grown up for a girl of Haddie's age?

Which Parenthood Character Are You?

If you haven't guessed by now, the relationship queen is none other than Sarah (Lauren Graham). She and her cutie boy toy Mark (Jason Ritter) have made things official. Sarah is such an off the wall character that bounces from one thing to the next and makes odd choices of male partners that I shouldn't really be surprised at this. Maybe she'll stay grounded for a minute. Although, the preview for the upcoming episode shows John (John Corbett), Sarah's rocker ex-husband, returns. This is sure to stir up trouble for her and the kids.

Have we hit all the most important areas? Please, feel free to add your own ideas or spoilers you may come across in the comments below! No matter the buzz around the show, Parenthood is definitely one to watch.

Parenthood airs on NBC at 10/9c.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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