'Parenthood' Season 2 Finale: The Highs and Lows of Family
'Parenthood' Season 2 Finale: The Highs and Lows of Family
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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At its core, Parenthood is about the ups and downs of family. The Bravermans have fun times, but also suffer some tragedies, but they always have each other to lean on through the hard times. The season 2 finale, airing tonight at 10pm on NBC, perfectly embodies that central theme of the show.

Following Amber's horrific car accident, the entire family gathers in the hospital to learn her fate, and it's that sense of family that helps the show stand out. Between Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, it's clear that the love and support of an extended family is very important to executive producer Jason Katims.

While the fate of Parenthood is still in the air, the season 2 finale succeeds as both a season finale and a possible series finale. There's an emotional sense of closure for everyone as they keep on living, and it even has an entertaining nod to the original film as Adam spends the episode desperately trying to find Max's retainer. But there are also a few twists and surprises that could definitely open up new doors for a third season.

The four Braverman children also have individual highs and lows in the finale, experiencing great triumphs and huge setbacks.


Highs: The end of the episode brings a special twist for Adam that is simultaneously good and bad, but which perfectly illustrates how strong the family is on this show.

Lows: His 16-year-old daughter is having sex, his son has Asperger's and doesn't understand empathy, and his boss at work is a hip youngster who Adam can't relate to. If that's not enough, he also suffers another huge setback in the finale that could change his life forever.


Highs: Her play has a staged reading and gives her a chance to see her dream fulfilled.

Lows: Her daughter Amber was in a terrible car accident and seems to be spinning out of control with no signs of stopping.


Highs (and Lows): After cheating on Jasmine, all of Crosby's eggs are in one basket as he hopes buying her a house will solve everything. Once Jasmine finds out what he did, her reaction will decide his entire future.


Highs (and Lows): While Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger are my favorite pair of actors on the show, they've been sidelined all season with the same simple plot. They wanted to have another kid, they found out she couldn't, then they were happy with not having another kid. That one sentence explains everything they did in season 2, but the storyline gets a different ending in the finale.

Take a look back at Julia over the season:

The Parenthood season 2 finales has plenty of obstacles, but it also has a family that can work together to overcome everything that comes in their way. In particular, one scene between Zeek and Amber is terrifyingly awesome and represents what it means to be a Braverman. The ending will leave fans with a happy, silly grin on their faces. I hope Parenthood comes back just to have something a little different on TV, but if not, the show will have a great ending.

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