'Parenthood' Review: From Funky Town to Heartbreak
'Parenthood' Review: From Funky Town to Heartbreak
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Things never calm down for Parenthood's Braverman family as they are knocked from "Left Field." Some of the troubles are small, like Jasmine and Crosby's scheduling conflicts, but none tops Kristina finding out she has cancer.

With Haddie off to college, Kristina and Adam have to adjust to life without her, while Victor is afraid to go to school. Drew's girlfriend broke up with him, as his mom gained a new friend in Hank. But, the biggest shock came from Kristina's mammogram results -- she has cancer. That sure makes the decision to get or not to get a dog seem miniscule. 

When I consider all the different Braverman family segment's, Adam and Kristina have had it the roughest, yet they have remained strong and committed to each other throughout all their trials. That could make them also the happiest of the bunch.

They have been dealt successfully with Max's Asbergers, Adam's lost job, Haddie wanting to go to Cornell, financial troubles, and an unexpected pregnancy. It pains me to see them have to go through something as horrible as Kristina having cancer. 

The last few minutes of "Left Field" were beautifully filmed and even without words, we, the viewers knew exactly what was happening. It was heartbreaking to watch unfold. Since we didn't hear the results, it's unclear how life threatening the diagnosis is. I'm not sure I could watch the show if she were to die. While it may be a realistic outcome, it would be too depressing.

Parenthood has balanced the laughs and the tears well and I'm hopeful that tone will continue even with this storyline. A perfect example is Kristina and Adam's "Funky Town" appointment. That cracked me up!

The authenticity of the show is what makes it unique. While it was unfortunate for Crosby and Jasmine to have scheduling issues, it was true to their characters. Just because Jasmine has been able to get over a poorly organized dishwasher doesn't mean that her and Crosby's personalities won't clash at times. 

At least this time around they were both adults about it and compromised instead of pushing each other away. They have grown much since Jasmine first re-entered Crosby's life. I used to cringe at their relationship, but now I adore them together. And, Jabbar is hilarious.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jabbar and Victor hang out more. They would be good for each other, since they are close to the same age. And, perhaps together they would be able to better include Max.

Julia is such a loving mother. At first, I was annoyed that she let Victor stay home when he was clearly not sick. Then, to let him stay home for the first two days of school -- crazy. Sydney is a smart little girl trying to take advantage of what Victor was getting away with doing. It's too bad we haven't seen the new siblings bond more.

In the end, Julia won over Max and gained his trust. More importantly, she found love for her adopted son. It was such a touching moment between mother and son. This turning point should bring the family closer together, but there will still be bumps in the road for them.

I'm not sure what to make of Sarah and her growing relationship with Hank. He is an odd fellow and is definitely no Mark. I love Sarah and Mark together, so if Hank is going to disrupt that, I'm not going to be happy. If they continue a friendship and a work relationship, that would be great. Sarah is happy at a job for the first time. And, Hank did help Drew with his girl troubles. That's always a plus.

Going forward, will Kristina and Adam tell the family about her diagnosis? What about Haddie, who is away at college for the first time. That's going to be a difficult decision to make. 

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