'Parenthood' Recap: Old Patterns Die Hard
'Parenthood' Recap: Old Patterns Die Hard
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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Boundaries get set and then immediately crossed in the course of one emotional and semi-infuriating episode of Parenthood. Kristina has her one-year check up following her cancer diagnosis, Sarah finds herself choosing between dating and her career, and Crosby gets in the middle of his parent's business. There is a lot of yelling and crying during "The Enchanting Mr. Knight," mostly by me, the viewer. 

The Year of Sarah

Carl, in all of his non-profit supporting, sexy doctor glory, invites Sarah to go to Zimbabwe with him for a week. Sarah initially agrees to go and is very excited about the prospect of taking photographs and having this once in a lifetime experience. The one downside is the fact that she would have to push the deadline of the big job she has been working on with Hank.

When Sarah shares the news with Hank that she will be taking a week off for "personal reasons," he gets, predictably, annoyed. It is only when Max tells him that Sarah is going on a trip with Carl that he gets really upset and seeks counsel with Dr. Pelikan about how to handle the situation. 

Dr. Pelikan encourages Hank to be honest about his feelings for Sarah, which Hank does by showing up at her house late at night. He shares that what she is doing is a behavioral pattern that has her following her relationship instead of pursuing her own interests for herself. This is true to some extent, but honestly, it's also total crap that it has to come from a former boyfriend who is also totally clouded by his feelings for her. 

Sarah, predictably and infuriatingly, listens to Hank and breaks it off with Carl. What frustrates me the most about this scenario is that Sarah is still not thinking for herself, but allowing Hank to call the shots now. I just want her to find sure footing and feel confident in her own skin, without anyone telling her what to do. 

Crosby vs. Camille

Crosby continues to act like a child about the fact that his parents are selling the house. Jasmine pleads with him not to say anything and stir up trouble, considering how difficult it is for them to be staying there with their children in the first place. Crosby is not known to listen to reason and calls Camille out for being selfish for wanting to sell the house. 

Camille responds with an excellent speech about how she has given everything of herself for her kids and for Zeek her entire life and this is the first time she can recall ever wanting to put her own needs first. It is an excellent and relatable point; however, Crosby is too clouded by his childhood memories to approach the situation as an adult and forgive his mother for being a human. 

When he and Jasmine announce they will be moving out to stay in a condo for the remaining month so as not to cause any more trouble, Camille tells them they have to stay there because the home is theirs as long as they need it. Even though this is a victory for Crosby and the family who loves the house so much, this feels like a surrender and it makes me sad for Camille. 

Ed is Back and Causing More Trouble

It's Green Week at the kids' elementary school, thus the sustainability committee is back together. When Ed tries to approach Julia about her marriage, she immediately puts up boundaries about her situation and tells him they just need to get through the week but will not be discussing their personal lives. I am definitely on board with this. 

However, when Sydney throws a tantrum during one of their presentations about wanting to stay with her that night instead of at Joel's, Julia gives in. She and Joel have an uncomfortable (what else is new) conversation about the fact that they need to maintain a routine for the kids to get used to and Julia is forced to back down. The one saving grace is that they are both still wearing their wedding rings.

Ed totally disregards Julia's request to keep things professional by showing up at her house to talk about everything. When Julia tells him it was because of him that her marriage is over, he (rightly) tells her she is sorely mistaken and needs to dig deeper.

In the end, Julia shows up at Ed's house having cooked dinner for him and totally goes into his house and I am yelling at my television. Has she not learned? What is happening? I feel crazy.

Pinkie Promises and Frat Parties

Amber and Drew are going through their break ups and Amber thinks it is a good idea for them to go to a big frat party together and pinkie promise to make out with people at said party. Now that Amy is out of the picture, Drew asks Natalie to the party. She says no, but shows up anyway, only to find that Drew is planning on making out with someone at the party. Whatever. They have a roller coaster of a relationship that I'm only barely interested in. 

Kristina Gets the All Clear

Kristina and Adam meet with Max's teacher, Mr. Knight (a fun guest star in Zachary Knighton from Happy Endings) who convinces them of his competence by recognizing Max's individual needs and talents in the classroom. Mr. Knight has hesitations about them starting their own Charter school, which plants doubt in Kristina's mind. 

Kristina goes in for her check up and gets the excellent news that she is still cancer free! She, Adam and myself start sobbing and it is a wonderful moment. They determine that they need to pursue the Charter school at full speed and show up at Mr. Knight's house to ask him to run the school. This could actually be interesting. I'm amazed at Parenthood's ability to turn an idea that I thought was terrible into sounding totally doable. 

There were so many set-ups that started out promising and ended up with me feeling upset and crazy (mainly Sarah and Julia's poor choices). Next week's episode promises some movement in the Joel and Julia department that could be very helpful.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC. 

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