'Parenthood' Recap: Is Joel Ready To Fight For His Marriage?
'Parenthood' Recap: Is Joel Ready To Fight For His Marriage?
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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Secrets, confrontations, laughter and tears, this episode of Parenthood has it all and is one of my favorites of the season. Joel is finally confronted with the big questions, Aida gets baptized and the Bravermans come together with the perfect mix of drama and love.

The Godfather

Renee, Jasmine's mother, wants Aida to get baptized and insists that it be this week. While Jasmine and Crosby have been putting her off for several weeks due to their uprooted lives, they finally give in. Because Camille and Zeek are selling the house, Renee insists on hosting the party. When Camille finds out that she is not being asked to host, she shares a sweet moment with Crosby and insists that she host a dinner the night before to bring the family together. Moms are good at insisting.

Meanwhile, Crosby realizes that he had previously asked Joel and Julia to be the Godparents, but is now unsure that this is a good idea given the state of their relationship. When Crosby goes over to Joel's house to discuss it with him, Joel is understanding and backs down willingly. 

Crosby asks Adam to be Aida's Godfather, which Adam accepts gratefully. Adam is seriously so moved and excited to be asked that Crosby is unable to tell him he is the second choice for the job. 

"How are you not fighting for us?"

Julia catches wind that Joel has relinquished his role as Godfather and becomes upset. She finally expresses what I have been yelling at my television for weeks, asking him why he isn't fighting for his family or for her. It is very gratifying, despite the fact that he still doesn't give her a real answer.

Sarah vs. Max

Sarah is still neck-deep in her photography project with Hank. In the wake of her breaking things off with Carl, their friendship is borderline flirtatious once again. I don't think I'm on board. Max shows up in the middle of their work, insisting that he gets his work done first. Sarah becomes frustrated (rightly so) and drives him home.

Kristina becomes upset because she perceives Sarah to have handled the situation poorly and asks Adam to deal with it. I love Kristina, and I love Max, but this a bit asinine. Max essentially shoved his aunt out of her place of business for an afternoon with his rigidity. 

Ultimately, Hank expresses to Sarah that he thinks Max has found his passion just like Sarah and that Sarah should be more compassionate around that. Look, I don't disagree, but I find it so frustrating that Sarah is constantly convinced by others that she is wrong. She is a strong, talented individual who should be shown respect more often than not. Plus, there is more foreshadowing of a flirtation and this just annoys me overall. 

Broken Hearts Club

Drew continues to despair about Natalie, especially after finding her in bed with his hilariously douchey roommate. When it all becomes too much, Drew heads to Amber's, where the two seek solace in their mutual break ups by smoking weed and drinking a ton of vodka.  

After several calls from their mother, they realize that they forgot to attend dinner with the family and race off in a taxi to get there. I would watch a show with just these two at this point, they are so hilarious and sweet together. Looks like Drew is moving in with Amber for bit, so it could very well feel like it for awhile. 

The Disastrous Dinner

Everything comes to a head when the Bravermans sit down for a big meal. Julia reveals that Adam was second choice for Godfather, Sarah learns the family house is being sold, Kristina points out that Amber and Drew are stoned out of their minds as they shove asparagus in each others faces. 

It is a hilarious and brilliant family scene where all secrets are revealed and all feelings exposed. It is the brilliance of the Parenthood writers that can take you back to any awkward family dinner you have had. Plus, this is such a breath of fresh air considering how intense the season has been.

The Showdown

Zeek gets fed up by the situation that seemingly stemmed from Joel's absence and goes to Joel's apartment to confront him. This is the conversation I've been waiting for. Zeek gives an impassioned speech about how he has always believed in Joel and knows he will do the right thing by fighting for his family. 

This is the second time I feel validated in a character asking the questions I've been asking all season. This incredibly tender moment between these two is so heartbreaking, but necessary.

"Anything that brings the family together is a good thing"

The baptism takes place and it is a lovely family affair. Zeek obviously reaches Joel because he shows up to the baptism despite the fact that he is not the Godfather. It seems that this is supposed to give us hope that he and Julia could still work it out, but what a small fragment of a tease. I mean, it still totally works because I am more hopeful than ever.

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