'Parenthood' Recap: Important Shots
'Parenthood' Recap: Important Shots
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
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We last left the Bravermans settling in to their new roles. Julia began to accept herself as an unemployed lawyer and full-time mother with the help of new friend and fellow member of the sustainability team, Ed. Crosby was struggling to balance life as a father of two. Sarah was worried about Amber and Ryan's engagement. Despite Kristina's enthusiasm and passion for the role, Adam was struggling to support her mayoral candidacy. Camille braved Zeke in broaching the dreaded subject of whether or not they should sell their house.

True to life, Parenthood rarely lets the Bravermans get settled into a comfortable routine without new expectations, opportunities and challenges around every corner. Tonight's episode, "Nipple Confusion", was no exception.

"This is an important shot for me, too."

After presumed months of attempting to get her independent photography business off the ground, Sarah has yet to nab a single human client. While she has had success capturing the personalities of various canine clients, she is yearning to prove herself as a legitimate photographer. Therefore, when Adam shares that he is looking for more affordable headshot photos for Kristina's mayoral campaign, Sarah jumps at the chance. Kristina is hesitant at first due to Sarah's lack of professional experience with humans and turns down the offer.

Sarah seeks solace in advice from Hank because she feels that her family doesn't take her seriously. Hank responds with an honest and frank speech about how her family doesn't take her seriously because thy know her and he recites her past few jobs as a playwright, a shoe designer, a graphic designer, and a photographer's (his) assistant (a peephole into the brains of the honest, talented and in-tune writers of Parenthood who know their character's histories backwards and forwards). Sarah gets the motivation she needs and convinces Kristina to let her take her headshot due to her enthusiasm for the job and belief in Kristina as a candidate.

Drew is having trouble settling in to college life due to a dorm-dominating roommate. He arrives at Amber's apartment to crash for the evening after said roommate has put a lacrosse stick on the door (aka tie on the doorknob trick for all of us old-timers), interrupting a romantic evening between Amber and Ryan.

Drew has his sights set on a girl in his dorm whom he points out to in an adorably awkward way that they share the same shower caddy while they run into each other in the coed bathroom. His roommate makes fun of him for his lack of "game" and proceeds to dominate the room yet again, forcing Drew back to Amber's for solace. However, this time Ryan and Amber will not stand for Drew to be so disrespectfully "sexiled" and take him back to school, barging in on his roommate in the process. His roommate learns to respect Drew (and his posse) even leaving him and Shower Caddy girl alone to play Scrabble. While I'm still not behind his new hair, Drew is still so utterly adorable I can't even stand it.

"I'm not going nuclear."

Victor's teacher calls in Julia and Joel to discuss her concerns regarding Victor's reading level. Overall, he is behind and while she anticipates that he may have to be held back to the 4th grade, she believes there are many options to explore first. This is how Joel hears it anyway. Julia, on the other hand, hears that Victor is not where he needs to be and therefore begins to catastrophize the situation, or "goes nuclear." Julia and Joel fundamentally disagree about whether or not to hold Victor back and Julia vents to Ed, her new parent buddy (and likely-but-I-hope-not triangulating obstacle between Julia and Joel).  While they do not decide what to do, the episode ends optimistically with Victor reading aloud, albeit slowly, to the family.

"I want more."

In an act of defiance toward Camille's desire to sell the house, Zeke purchases a 1965 Pontiac GTO to restore in the driveway. Despite Zeke's best efforts to avoid the conversation, Camille finally gets him to admit that he does not want to sell the house due to all the memories he has of their children playing in punk bands (Crosby), celebrating scholastic victories (Julia) and sneaking out (Sarah). While Camille understands that, she simply states she wants more. She expresses that she was so young when she started having children and while they have had a beautiful life, she wants to travel and have adventures and truly enjoy their "third act" together. While it is never easy to move on from such an established part of family history, and the house itself is just so beautiful, Camille has a point. We shall see if Zeke relents and is willing to give his wife, and himself, this new opportunity.

"I'll always be here for you."

Crosby and Jasmine are still struggling to balance life with a newborn, especially a newborn that is unwilling to eat from a bottle. After many attempts and requests for advice, Crosby is finally able to convince Aida to take the bottle after telling her he will always be there for her. This was a very sweet, gratifying moment since Crosby has been struggling to bond with Aida since the start of the season.

The Bravermans are back next week with updates on the family, including wedding planning! Tune in Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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