'Parenthood' Recap: Home Is Where the Heart Is
'Parenthood' Recap: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Parenthood finally returns after a long hiatus and it is better than ever. Adam and Kristina reconnect on a spa weekend, Crosby learns the fate of the house, Sarah and Hank fight, and the siblings support Julia during the first official separation weekend. "Just Like at Home" is a sweet, funny and emotional episode that totally satisfies.

The Kids Are All Right

The separation between Joel and Julia is real, solidified by the kids spending their first real weekend at Joel's new apartment. While Joel knocks on the door of his own house, Sydney reflects how she is truly Julia's daughter and has serious attitude about the situation. Is it problematic that I most support the ten year old in this scenario? I am still so upset that Joel and Julia are actually separated. This had better be a month-to-month situation, Joel. 

Surprisingly, Victor has a sweet attitude about the situation and is excited and enthusiastic when Joel goes into bribing mode. Sydney is not convinced and spends much of the weekend upset and angry.

However, when the elevator in Joel's building wakes Victor up, he calls Julia to talk and get comforted. It is such a sweet moment given all they have gone through over the past year. I suppose this could be the silver lining of the whole mess, but I sure do hope it doesn't come to that.

Our House

Crosby and his family are staying with his parents at the big house and finds out that the house is up for sale when a real estate agent shows up. He is understandably upset and pleads with Zeek not to sell the house.  In a very touching moment, Zeek admits how hard it was to be in the house without Camille and says he loves her more than the house. He and Crosby are so similar it makes sense they would butt heads over something like this, then ultimately come to an understanding. 

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Amy is stilling staying with Drew in the dorms and has taken to following him around campus and escorting him to his classes. Drew is clearly feeling smothered, which Natalie preys on telling him the whole situation is bizarre. Thankfully, Drew talks to Amber about it who asks him what he wants. He admits to wanting her to leave, which I feel is totally understandable. 

After talking with Amber, Drew approaches Amy and encourages her to talk to her parents about her depression, hating school and even the abortion from last season. She ultimately agrees with his support and he drops her off at home to figure everything out. Drew is such a sensitive soul and I really appreciate his support in this situation.  I don't know if this is the end of the Amy storyline since I thought she would be gone after last season. Who knows what is now in store for Drew.

Weekend Getaway

Kristina and Adam spend a spa weekend away, courtesy of their friends who want them to relax after the whole cancer nightmare. Their reconnecting and total love for one another is such a shining beacon of happiness in this show. The mud baths alone is one of my favorite scenes of them together of the whole series.

Taco Truck Debacle

Sarah and Hank disagree about their photography job, with Hank vehemently against a taco truck in the background of many of the photos. While Hank is waxing photographical, Sarah (deliberately?) puts on lipstick for her date with Carl in front of him. On said date, Carl reveals himself to be even more lovely and wonderful by telling Sarah how great her vision was on the photography job and taking her to a taco restaurant in honor of it.

Hank ends up editing the photos without Sarah's consent, which of course creates serious conflict between them. Hank realizes he did something wrong and makes an emergency appointment with Dr. Pelikan, who teaches him how to communicate and apologize. Hank does so by showing up at Sarah's door unannounced. His apology and admission that he has Asperger's seems to be charming to Sarah, but I'm not so sure I want them to be together anymore. I appreciate what Hank has done for Max, but he is a bit of a train wreck when it comes to being a boyfriend. 

Sibling Love

Despite all their personal issues and concerns, all the siblings are most concerned about Julia and end up showing up at her house with wine and take-out to comfort her. Adam even cuts off his weekend with Kristina early to be there for his sister. They get drunk, have a dance party and all crash at her place. Man, this is what this show is about and I love it so much. 

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC.