'Parenthood' Recap: Everything's Gonna Be Alright
'Parenthood' Recap: Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The day finally arrived. Sarah moved in with Mark. Oh, not the big day you were thinking about? Well, Max's election happened and yes, Kristina had her breast cancer surgery. Parenthood didn't miss a beat in "I'll Be Right Here." Can't forget, Amber had a date ... with an appropriate guy for her!

Kristina's Surgery

Just as you would expect from the Braverman family, they all pitched in to help during Kristina's surgery, though not without a few glitches here and there. Poor, Otis. Can I get you some tea? Really, who drinks tea? I have to agree, I don't get that.

While the surgery didn't phase Max, Haddie was a mess. She wanted to skip her first semester of college to stay home and help the family. I don't blame her; I'd hope if I was in a similar situation I'd do the same thing. Life is short and if you may lose your mother, you want to spend as much time as possible with her. Besides, with Max and a baby, they could use her help.

The surgery went as well as could be expected with the tumor being removed, but the cancer had spread to her lymph node. This journey was not over for her yet. Next up, she will have to get chemotherapy. 

Kristina and Adam's decision to lie to Haddie was heartbreaking to watch. I completely understand why they did it, but that doesn't make it the right choice. They may want Haddie to have a happy and bright future, but could be taking that all away from her just as easily. Haddie is going to find out eventually and that will affect their relationship forever. Depending on what happens, Haddie may never forgive them.

Parenthood has always done an incredible job at presenting a show about a realistic family. Kristina's cancer story has been handled well. It's emotional to watch, but feels very authentic.

It's Election Day

Max's speech and election for President being the same day as Kristina's surgery was unfortunate, but life doesn't stop for a disease. It hurt Kristina, while Max didn't seem to care one way or the other.

Max looks at things in a very pragmatic manner: It is what it is. He didn't want to prepare, he wasn't nervous and he didn't need his mother's help. Kristina meanwhile felt like she couldn't help even if she wanted to. 

Haddie being there was the best thing that could have happened to Max. She wasn't overbearing like her mother. She gave Max a few reasons why he would be a great President and he ran with it.

Max hasn't talked about his Aspergers often, so it was refreshing to hear him tell his classmates about it and how it would help him as President. Max was a star that day and deserved to win the election.

Will he get the vending machines back? Not without a fight, but he is tenacious after all!

Oh, Sarah!

Sarah and Mark's relationship started off quite normal, but then somewhere it got twisted and turned around in a weird way. Before they ever talked about moving in together or getting married, they decided to have a baby. 

Then, they eventually went back to the beginning and got engaged. When Hank kissed Sarah, she impulsively decided to move in with Mark despite all the reasons they initially decided to wait. 

Poor Drew. Sarah told him that she did think about him, but didn't consider all the factors that he was upset about ... what? All those factors are the exact reason that Sarah initially decided NOT to move in with Mark until the summer. 

Sarah loves her kids, but at times, she has been selfish and this was one of those times. It will probably all work out because Drew does like Mark and he only has a few months left at home anyway, but it wasn't the best decision.

I used to love Sarah and Mark together, but something has gotten off between the two and it doesn't have anything to do with Hank. I hope that living together will bring them all closer together as a family.

Odds and Ends

  • Crosby giving Adam a back rub. HA!
  • Loved the interactions between Ryan and Amber. It's nice to see her dating a decent and appropriate guy for her. He could be the one! The flowers and the kiss on the cheek -- Aww!
  • He didn't win." -- Max to Kristina about Bob Little's campaign
  • "This is awesome. I'm never reading another book ever again." -- Mark now that he has cable
  • Such a touching moment for Crosby and Jabbar:
    "Hey, you know that praying thing you do?" -- Crosby
    "Yeah?" -- Jabbar
    "Do you think you can show me how it works?" -- Crosby 
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