'Orphan Black': The 7 Most Shocking Moments of Season 5
'Orphan Black': The 7 Most Shocking Moments of Season 5
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Orphan Black shocked its fans from its opening scene -- why does this woman look just like Sarah?! -- and it continued to do so throughout its run, including in its final season. It's part of what made this show so good.

Here are the 7 most shocking moments from season 5.

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7. Sarah Was Attacked by Something on the Island

While patching up her wounds from her fight with Rachel, Sarah was attacked by someone/something. While we would find out who that was later in the season, for the first few episodes, this was just "The Creature" and Revival blamed his attacks in the woods on a "bear."   

6. When Coady Euthanized Mark, She Killed off the Castor Line

OB S5 shocking Castor.jpg
It was fitting that the series ended with the Ledas, but that didn't make it any less shocking that the Castors' end came in the penultimate episode. And despite the clear lack of humanity in Coady (and the fact that this woman had no qualms about choosing which of her boys she sent away as a child by picking straws and sent the male clones out to sterilize women), part of me thought that she might struggle a bit more with killing the last of them in Mark.

5. P.T. Killed Yanis

Just as Cosima was introducing herself to Yanis after refusing to "end the suffering" and kill him, P.T. pulled the trigger and shot him in the head. And he didn't look torn up about it at all.

4. Kira Cut Herself to Test Her Healing

When Sarah saw a bloody bandage on her daughter's arm, she immediately thought Rachel had done it during one of Kira's visits to Dyad. However, Kira revealed that she did it to herself. "I wanted to see how fast I could heal," she told her mother.

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3. How Ferdinand Killed M.K.

Sadly, it was obvious that Ferdinand was going to kill M.K. and she wasn't going to leave that loft alive. But did anyone expect him to kill her by stomping on her chest over and over?

2. Rachel Cut out Her Own Neolution Eye

OB S5 shocking Rachel eye.jpg
While I expected this to happen from the moment Rachel realized it was a camera, I'm not quite sure I expected to see it in so much detail.

1. Ferdinand Killed Mrs. S

It's not the fact that Mrs. S died protecting the sestrahood and doing what she had to for them that is so shocking. It's that Ferdinand shot her in that moment. (At least she got him back with a shot to the throat.) "Guillotines Decide" pretty much prepared us for that ending throughout, but her death was the most heartbreaking of the series, and it was still quite astonishing to see it happen and watch her die.

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