[Video] 'Orphan Black' Spoilers: Revealed Secrets Put Lives in Danger
[Video] 'Orphan Black' Spoilers: Revealed Secrets Put Lives in Danger
Carla Day
Carla Day
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It's about to get even more intense and crazy on Orphan Black. In "Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things," long-kept secrets and several newer ones are revealed. In response, difficult decisions are made, which results in people's lives being in jeopardy.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Orphan Black spoilers and video clip.

The trailer for "Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things" is full of spoilers. Watch it out below and then read on for more details about the episode. 

"... and I killed her." Alison confesses her role in Aynsley's death to Vic in rehab. Since he's secretly reporting on Alison to Angie it's a big problem. Will he give her up? 

"I have something you want." Mrs. S approaches Dr. Leekie about the missing science that he's desperately wanted. Is she giving up Evan Duncan? Or something else?

"This is my decision." Cosima finds out the truth about her treatment and gets angry with Delphine about it. Is she willing to die or will she find a way to continue her treatment? It's complicated and perhaps out of her control.

"I may have spiked his tea." Felix and Sarah show up at the rehab center to help Alison deal with her Vic problem. As a result, family day at the rehab center turns into a carnival of sorts. There's lots of glitter!

"Hello, Father." Rachel's reunited with her father and shows emotion that we haven't seen from her before. This meeting has a profound effect on several people going forward.

Kira continues to impress She does something that's very much in character, but shocks her mother. 

Explosive ending The episode concludes in a very fitting Orphan Black way. It's horrible and funny at the same time.

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 9pm ET on BBC America.

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