'Orphan Black' Spoilers: 5 Teases for 'Governed As It Were By Chance'
'Orphan Black' Spoilers: 5 Teases for 'Governed As It Were By Chance'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Sarah is determined to get to the truth even if it puts her life in danger, but only if Kira is safe on Orphan Black. The car crash provides the escape that she needs to get away from Rachel's goon in "Governed As It Were By Chance." Now what?

Spoiler alert: This article contains Orphan Black spoilers and clips. 

  • Sarah makes sure Kira's safe and returns home to look into what Mrs. S really knows about LEDA. She also attempts to mend fences with Felix.
  • Alison's collapse on stage puts her in an odd situation where she finds freedom in captivity. Sounds odd, right?
  • Helena's life is threatened again. Hendrik's plan for her isn't what it initially appeared to be.
  • Sarah gets herself into a dangerous situation. She doesn't appear to have a way out until someone shows up that could make it much worse.
  • Mrs. S turns to an old associate for help. 
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