'Orphan Black' Recap: Sarah Gets Some Answers, Helena Gets Some Action
'Orphan Black' Recap: Sarah Gets Some Answers, Helena Gets Some Action
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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This week on BBC America's Orphan Black, Sarah finds Duncan, Helena finds her groove, and Alison finds yet another terrible decision to make. Let's go!

Love in the Time of Bar Fights

"To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings" starts off with an ode to sisterly bonding. Sarah and Helena camp together and drive together, doing normal twin things like arguing over the radio and making amorous shadow puppets. Helena even performs the ultimate act of love by offering Sarah half of her food. They can't bond too much, though, because Sarah needs to investigate Duncan and Helena can't be around other people. When they reach the church from the Swan Man photo, Sarah goes inside and instructs Helena to wait in the car where there is no one she can maim. Thus ends their period of togetherness.

Helena doesn't listen to Sarah and decides to get her drink on at a nearby bar instead. She gets hit on by your standard issue bar misogynist and hits back, leading her to be introduced to the much less awful Jesse. Jesse does not seem at all deterred by Helena's terrible dye job or obvious psychosis; he's just impressed that a foreign girl would be into a small town guy like him. They indulge in a psycho Ukrainian mating ritual that involves lots of arm wrestling, dancing to a song that is appropriately about being crazy, and getting busy on a pool table.

Watching Helena make out with someone is like watching those TV shows about people who've never kissed before their wedding day. She essentially tries to digest his face and he's actually pretty into it. Unfortunately they're interrupted when Helena starts gouging a man's eyes out. Even this doesn't seem to turn Jesse off, which is kind of a red flag. But whether he's secretly creepy or not, we'll never know, because Helena is arrested and their love story is cut tragically short. They'll always have the pool table.

Helena gets released pretty soon, and is visited at the police station by her "sister." But it's not Sarah, who witnessed Helena being arrested, but Gracie. Gracie is far less hostile towards Helena, probably because she wants to avoid being forcibly impregnated with her demon clone babies. The two bond over having both had their lips sewn shut before Gracie says that she wants to take Helena to her children. Helena is clearly very upset about having her "babies" stolen from inside of her. She actually wants to become pregnant and have a child of her own, probably because she'll then have a family member who won't leave her. I don't know if she realizes that the Prolethians will take any child she has, but she decides to leave Sarah and go back to the farm by choice.  Good luck, girl.

Research Time!

Meanwhile, Sarah has been investigating the church from the picture. It contains archives from the Cold River Institute, which is the place that Helena has been referencing the entire episode. Duncan, using the name Andrew Peckham, had been in the church before because he was looking through the archives. They contain lots of pictures of deformed fetuses and the like, but some information is missing. Sarah figures out that it was probably Maggie Chen who stole them, meaning they are now with Art.

Art still has all of the stuff from Maggie's locker, and has brought it all to Felix's apartment. He finds out that the real Andrew Peckham was an orphan and that Duncan stole his identity. He finds the address of a house registered in Peckham's name and Sarah heads off to it. She elects to leave Helena, relying on Art to get any charges against her dropped, instead of bailing her out at the station herself. I understand why she did this, since Helena is a walking ball of trouble, but it seems harsh after the half hour of twin time we got at the beginning of the episode. Helena also expressed that she was terrified of Sarah leaving her, and those fears were sadly founded.

Meet Your Maker

At the Peckham house, Sarah finds none other than Mrs. S! Is there anywhere that woman doesn't turn up? I'm beginning to question how she's not Sarah's biological mother, because they are both so testy and, if Mrs. S's shirt is any indication, have similar tastes in music. They argue, don't trust each other, yada yada the usual issues. Mrs. S says that Duncan took on the identity of Peckham twenty years before, when he joined "our" side. She and her people have been hiding him ever since.

When we finally meet Duncan, he seems to be not quite all there. He's obsessed with the many birds around his house and is clearly trying to avoid some massive trauma. Sarah won't let him get out of giving her answers, though, and finds out that she and her fellow clones are "proof of concept." LEDA was originally contracted by the military, but ethical issues arose when they started having success with human cloning. Dyad became their contractor after that. It seems that the clones weren't created so much for a specific purpose as they were just to see if it were really possible. Duncan says that they just wanted "babies, little girls", which is somehow the creepiest possible answer he could have given.

Everything he describes makes it sound like the clones were always more experiments than people, but he insists that he and his wife loved Rachel. Sarah tactfully informs him that Rachel is now a horrible person unworthy of his paternal love. Duncan insists that this isn't his fault because Rachel was taken from him by Neolutionists within Dyad, specifically Leekie. When he and Rachel's mother decided to expose everything rather than let Dyad have their daughter, Leekie killed Susan Duncan.

Geek Monkey

While Sarah's dealing with these truth bombs, Cosima is still trying to not die. So far things are looking unusually optimistic; Cosima gets to play actual doctor with her girlfriend and the stem cell injection hasn't made her arm fall off yet. The treatment looks promising enough to continue. Before this can happen, though, Cosima's friend Scott arrives at Dyad. Leekie has approved his application and he's come to work for the company alongside her. Cosima doesn't want him involved, because Dyad is bad news, but Scott is a) an expert in gene sequencing and therefore extremely useful, and b) aware that there are clones.

He figured out about the clones based on the information Cosima gave him, but he doesn't know that Cosima is one of them. Cosima leaves him so she can have an emotionally touching phone call with Sarah, but Delphine stays. Scott informs her that the stem cells being used to treat Cosima came from Kira, and Delphine tells him not to tell Cosima about this discovery. Is this because she's shady? Because she thinks Cosima will refuse treatment if she finds out? We don't know yet. Hopefully we'll find out soon, because it would be nice to get a better look at Delphine's motivations.

Other Things That Happen

Throughout "To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings", Paul has been following Sarah like the creep he is. Mrs. S catches him outside of Duncan's house and offers him the most threatening cup of tea ever. She asks Paul what side he's really on, drops references to his ambiguous past trauma, etc. Nothing is resolved and Paul is still boring.

Also, Alison is back! She's still in rehab, acting like she's better than everyone else and not participating in group therapy. To make matters worse, Vic is also in rehab. He doesn't know she's a clone, even though she tells him, but he knows she looks exactly like the ex that cost him a finger. Luckily he's found Buddha so he doesn't seem like as much of a jackass as he did in Orphan Black season 1. He even defends Alison against Donnie when he visits her. She begins to trust him, probably because she knows something about him and is assured that he's done worse things than her, but the trust proves to be misplaced. Vic is working with Angie, trading information he learns from Alison for getting the charges against him dropped. Alison should really just stop talking to anyone who isn't a clone or Felix.

Who Had the Worst Week?

A quick summary of how the Clone Club faired this week:

  • Sarah: sister still uncontrollably violent, found out she was created because people were bored and curious.
  • Helena: has to stop making out with cute guy because of assault charges, about to be impregnated by cult.
  • Cosima: still dying, girlfriend is hiding things from her.
  • Alison: being monitored by yet another person, still married to Donnie.

I'm giving this one to Alison. She just cannot put her trust in the right people. Also, she's still married to Donnie. That's almost enough to secure her the title every week.

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America.

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