'Orphan Black' Interview: Maria Doyle Kennedy on Mrs. S Understanding What Kira Wants, That Devastating Loss and More
'Orphan Black' Interview: Maria Doyle Kennedy on Mrs. S Understanding What Kira Wants, That Devastating Loss and More
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Two episodes into the final trip of Orphan Black, and Clone Club has suffered a loss from which Maria Doyle Kennedy has said it won't be easy for them to move forward. Also in "Clutch of Greed," Kira decided she wanted to know more about herself instead of running again, and Mrs. S had a surprise visitor at her door.

Read on for part 2 of BuddyTV's chat with Kennedy as she discusses where Sarah and Mrs. S stand on Kira, what that loss means, keeping things from Sarah again and more.

BuddyTV: Since the beginning, Mrs. S has been taking care of Kira, which has meant going against Sarah's wishes in the past, and that's where she seems to be yet again now that Kira wants to know more about herself. How is that going to affect her relationships with Sarah, Kira and Felix, who might be caught in the middle?

Maria Doyle Kennedy: "I think it's very difficult, but I think that S and Sarah have reached a place of a much stronger bond of trust, and I think that Sarah ultimately trusts S and that she does know what's right for Kira and if S can convince Sarah then she'll listen. And also the other way around. I think S trusts Sarah now and she doesn't think she's just going to flake off at any moment and disappear for a year, which is where they began, so I think they just have to figure out a way to listen to each other like in all families.

"I think that the thing is that S can hear very clearly what Kira is saying. And again, back to the idea of identity, of really understanding who you are, how you are formed and what you want to become, Kira's desire to understand those things, it's a human right and S hears her voice asking those questions even though she's a child and it's her job really to just get Sarah to hear that voice as well. Because once Sarah hears it, she knows she can't deny her."

Does Mrs. S see the rebellious side of Sarah in Kira with this decision, or does she just see a kid who wants to know why she's different?

"I think it's more just the latter. I think it's more that she just sees her fundamentally wanting to understand more about it. She's not really willing to accept platitudes anymore or glib dismissals of the idea that she's special. She wants the science.

"She's growing up. She wants more knowledge, more understanding, and she also wants to be involved more. She doesn't want to be treated so much like a little kid, that everything is kind of spoken over her head and decided for her. She wants to have some agency herself, some ability to direct what's happening to her and around her."

We've seen Mrs. S keep things from Sarah when she's felt it's best. Is that what we're going to see again after her conversation with Delphine? And what can you tease about what those two will be up to?

"Well, definitely S and Delphine work together and do not tell the others, that's for sure. I think that this is one of S' sort of convenient half-truths that she pulls where she knows she's not being entirely honest but she also knows this is the route she needs to take, and it's sort of a 'the ends justify the means' for her. She knows exactly why she's doing it and her moral compass is kind of strong. Well, it's always strong, but her aim is true.

"But she knows that it would put things off on a sidewards path if she involved the others. It would be a whole issue again of trust and reliability that would come up that are not an issue for her at the moment. She's just going, 'I can get this information if we work together. Delphine and I, we're stronger. Nobody else needs to know.' She is definitely going to keep this from Sarah and it will become an issue later on."

How will everyone deal with losing M.K. knowing it's likely she won't be the last one to die or have to make a choice that could lead to that kind of sacrifice? Is S ready to be in that kind of position herself?

"I think that S has always been ready to be in that position. I think that's never been in question. I think it's clear always from her behavior that she would lay down her life for any of them ...

"I think the death of M.K. is really big for all of them. They haven't been in that position for quite a while. Sarah's become close to her and really felt that she could bring her even closer and hopefully protect her somehow. She'd been running for so long on her own, and she had come through such a traumatic situation and survived. She'd done everything herself.

"I think Sarah really wanted to show her some of the things she'd learned about having sisters, about being part of a team or a tribe, and so I think she's devastated, absolutely devastated to lose her. It feels like a really painful blow and something she feels very guilty about. I think they're never ready to experience that, but M.K.'s going was particularly difficult. It's quite a deep wound. It takes them all quite a while to figure out how to go forward after it."

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Even though she can't contact her network, we see that S is still resourceful. But how different is how she operates going to be now?

"Well, it's all up in the air, isn't it? Because the methods of contact are so difficult, but also, she's trying to give some of the responsibility, give some of the decision-making to Sarah, because she knows that ultimately, Sarah is going to be the one that takes over from her, that she's going to be the leader. So she's much more open in the way that she makes decisions now, and I think that's a really good thing.

"Rather than deciding everything and heading off on her own, she and Sarah are really working and planning together, although, as we've already said, she's not telling Sarah everything. She's still keeping some cards close to her chest, like Delphine, but other things, she's trying to work in a new, slightly more open way and to come up with ideas together.

"She recognizes that Sarah is smart and that Felix is smart, that actually her children have become adults. She doesn't have to tell them everything. She can now ask them things and they can tell her stuff. It's kind of a whole new chapter in their relationship and her recognizing the fact that they're adults."

S is the type of person where, if there's a bloody corkscrew around, we know she's the one who used it, or if there's a man who's 170 years old, he's still on her hit list. Would you consider her one of the most dangerous characters on the show? Should we be planning to see an S and P.T. Westmorland showdown?

"I definitely do think you're right. I definitely do think if you see a bloody corkscrew around, it's probably her. I guess that's because she's European, she's got slightly more unusual methods than those of her North American counterparts. I think she is one of the most dangerous because she's just so extraordinarily brave. She has no fear and no regard for her own safety beyond the fact that she is the person who's keeping the others safe. But when they're safe, she has no regards for her own safety at all and she's utterly fearless, so I think that's a very deadly combination.

"S and P.T. showdown, well, you'll have to see ... She's got him in her sights, for sure. But they all do."

But she's planning for it, right? Even though she's facing someone who's 170 years old, she's still planning to try to be the one to take him out, right?

"She is. I think they recognize that that's the top of the pyramid, that that's where they've got to go for the answers, that that's what they've got to pull down or unmask to unravel the whole thing, so yeah, she's planning to go there."

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