'Orphan Black': 31 Burning Questions for Season 3
'Orphan Black': 31 Burning Questions for Season 3
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Every time an episode of Orphan Black ends, I'm left with a long list of questions. It was no different with the season 2 finale. Lives are hanging in the balance and a whole new project was introduced in "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried," and that's just part of it.

Let's face it, Clone Club. As much as we all love this show, it also leaves us very frustrated. Yes, we get some answers, but when we do, we're just left with even more questions and we're still left wondering who can be trusted, despite what someone may do to help one of the clones.

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Here are just 31 burning questions I have after season 2:

1. Will Cosima Survive?
I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Cosima survived the finale. We got a couple of scares, with Rachel smashing Kira's bone marrow (and they can't get more for six weeks) and Cosima not waking up at first when Kira shook her, but it looks like she may have found a new hope in the copy of "The Island of Doctor Moreau" Ethan left for Kira.

2. Does Ethan's Book Hold the Key?
We don't know for sure what Ethan wrote in that book, but we can guess it's hope for Cosima's survival. But will Cosima be able to figure it out before it's too late? Who will help her?

3. Did Rachel Survive the Pencil to the Eye?
Will Rachel be rocking an eyepatch in season three? Thanks to Cosima and Scott, Sarah had a weapon on hand in a fire extinguisher and a pencil when Rachel stopped by to see her before her procedure, but will it be a pencil to the eye that takes Rachel out for good?

4. If Rachel Does Survive, Will She Be More Dangerous?
If Rachel does survive the pencil, I imagine she'll be even worse than she was in season two. She would hate Sarah - and those who helped her - even more. Kira would never be safe, and that would make trying to figure out a way to save Cosima even more complicated, especially if Rachel figures out they have her father's notes. Even though Marion helped Sarah and Kira leave, Rachel must have people who are loyal to her.

5. Will There Be Consequences for Scott for Helping the Clones?
Scott may have just recently been inducted into Clone Club, but he has certainly proven himself to be quite the ally. However, we didn't see him after he gave Sarah the keycard and told her to get Kira. If Rachel survives and realizes he was helping them, what will that mean for him? Could we see Scott in season three helping Cosima figure out Ethan's notes? And am I wrong to trust Scott, or should I be questioning how eager he was to be part of Dyad and this project?

6. Will Sarah Ever Be Able to Stop Running?
Marion lets Sarah and Rachel go, but she warns Sarah this doesn't end with Rachel. As the daughter of a clone who should have been barren by design, Kira's always going to be seen as a "prize" by someone, so Sarah's always going to have to be looking over her shoulder. And if Rachel's alive...

7. Where's Helena Being Taken?
Mrs. S handed Helena over to Project Castor, but where are they taking her? What do they want with her? What will happen with her pregnancy? (If she is pregnant.) Do they know she's pregnant?

8. How Long Before Sarah Finds Out What Mrs. S Did?
Mrs. S tells Paul that Sarah will never forgive her as she and Paul watch Helena being taken. How long will Mrs. S be able to keep what she did a secret?

9. What Will Helena's Babies Be Like?
(Again, if anyone is actually pregnant.) Will they be like Kira - smart, able to survive and heal fast? We know that at least Helena and Gracie are out there, but are there any other "broodmares" alive possibly pregnant?

10. Did Helena Kill Everyone at the Prolethean Farm in the Fire?
We can probably safely assume that Henrik is dead. (If the fire didn't kill him, what Helena did to him probably did.) But did she leave everyone else on the farm there to die? Given what we saw of her with the children, I would think she might have at least gotten them out.

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11. How Much of a Threat is Bonnie?
What we do know is that Henrik's wife and Gracie's mother is still out there because she was busy trying to find more "broodmares" when everything went down on the farm. How is she going to react when she finds her farm burned down, her husband (presumably) dead and her daughter gone? And how much does she know? Could she be Mark's monitor? If so, could she have been off doing Project Castor stuff too?

12. Why Was Charlotte a Success?
As Marion tells Sarah, there were hundreds of failures. Why didn't they fail with Charlotte?

13. What is Topside?
Marion tells Sarah that Topside steers the Dyad group, and as we saw when Cal showed Mrs. S what he discovered, there are many, many tiers to this. And what about these "other forces at work"? There always seems to be more.

14. Can Marion Be Trusted?
Sure, she helped Sarah and Kira get out of Dyad and she shared some of what she knows with Sarah, but that doesn't mean I trust her or that Sarah should. She's holding back at least something, and that something is probably going to be something big. She seems to know too much for that not to be the case.

15. What About Those Male Clones?
Yes, there are male clones now, and so far, we've seen three of them. Mark doesn't seem to know he's a clone, but you would assume that the soldier one does. And is the scarred clone the Helena equivalent? Do the male clones have monitors too? If so, who is Mark's?

16. What's the Plan for the Two Groups of Clones?
Why male and female? Who are they to each other? Are they brothers and sisters? Since the female clones were supposed to be barren by design, the goal couldn't be reproduction, could it?

17. How are the Two Groups of Clones Similar and Different?
We've seen how Dyad handles the female clones, but we've only just begun to get a glimpse at the male clones of Project Castor. Do the male clones have monitors too? If so, who is Mark's? Is there a Dr. Leekie on the Castor side? Can the male clones have children? Is there a Sarah-equivalent who can if they were designed not to? Basically,   

18. How Much Does Paul Know?
Paul apparently knows about Project Castor, so presumably he knows that Mark's a clone? Does he know more than anyone else since he knows at least something about both projects?

19. Will Sarah Ever Trust Paul Again?
Paul may have his secrets and his reasons for doing what he did, but I don't think Sarah (or Felix) can forget what he did to Felix. The there's the fact that he and Mrs. S are now working together and handed over Helena.

20. What Will Sarah Do with the Information About Project Castor?
Now that Sarah knows about the male clones, what will she do with that information? Will Clone Club try to track them down, or will the focus be on saving Cosima? (Hey, maybe there's a Cosima-equivalent male clone who can help them save Cosima!)

21. Will Alison and Donnie Make It?
There's nothing like burying a dead body to spice up a marriage and begin to make things right. Alison and Donnie seem to be getting back on track now that everything's out in the open, but are they really past their problems? Their marriage hasn't exactly been perfect, but could honesty be what they need?

22. Should Alison and Donnie Still Be Worried About Dr. Leekie's Body?
Sure, he's buried in their garage and Dyad is saying he died of a heart attack, but he's still buried in their garage. (Heart marks the spot.) Considering Dyad was going to kill him that night, is it possible someone was following him and saw Donnie kill him? Should Alison and Donnie worry about this coming back to haunt them?

23. When Will We Learn More About Felix?
He's the "very best" of them, as Sarah puts it, but because of the clones' lives, we hardly ever get a chance to delve into Felix's, and when we do, clone world always comes knocking.  

24. Where Is Delphine?
It's hard to believe Delphine just went to Frankfurt, or if she did, that she's going to stay there, especially with Cosima dying. When and where will she turn up again?

25. What About Cal's Secrets?
Cal may have really come through for Clone Club, but what's the deal with his resources, the people he knows in Iceland, the gun/IDs/money in the drawer in the RV, the RV not in his name, etc.? Cal has his own secrets, and I really want to see that addressed early on in season three. Until they are, it's impossible to fully trust him.

26. Will We See Jesse Again?
Helena deserves some happiness and love too! However, Helena and Jesse were over before they could even begin, but since she did have his hat - and it's all that was left when she was taken - could he show up again?

27. Is Angie Still a Problem?
Was Donnie's visit to her van and threat enough to get Angie to drop her investigation? I'm guessing no. Will she find out the truth in Orphan Black season 3?

28. Will Art Go Back to Work?
Art was suspended because he became a thorn in Daniel's side working with Clone Club, but how long will that suspension last? Will he be back at work next season? Will he be working with Angie again? If so, will he be able to keep Angie from digging any further, or will he just make her even more determined to find out the truth?

29. Was the Van the Last Time We'll See Vic?
Donnie probably at least did a good job of scaring Vic, but does that mean he'll let everything go and vanish from their lives? Or could he show up again proclaiming he and Sarah should be together again and being another annoying problem Clone Club has to deal with on top of everything else?

30. What About Tony?
Will we see him again? After all, the wrong people could find out about him and track him down. As long as he's still alive, it's always possible he could come knocking at Felix's door or they could run into him if the wrong people get their hands on him.

31. Did Sammy Know About Project Castor?
Sammy's message for Beth was "Tell Beth keep the faith. Paul's like me, he's on it. He's a ghost." How much did Sammy know?

I'm sure you have even more questions that I haven't listed here, but I had to stop at some point or this could go on for a while. Head to the comments with your burning questions you want to see answered if/when BBC America announces the renewal of Orphan Black for season 3.

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