Will 'One Tree Hill' Spoilers Derail the Drama?
Will 'One Tree Hill' Spoilers Derail the Drama?
One Tree Hill has some serious issues: its own nosy fans.  The first episode of One Tree Hill's new season has already been spoiled down to the finite details, including what everybody is wearing for a hair do.  So what does the rest of the season hold?  As a mid season show, One Tree Hill may have as many as 12 episodes in the can by the time it begins airing season 5.  Those 12 episodes could be just as spoiled by that time.

One of the insinuations from the industry regarding spoilers is that if people know the plot they don't bother to watch.  Another very serious consideration is that when a spoiler comes out, it is representing a major plot point without the finesse of the writing, acting, editing, and soundtrack.  It is a hollow nugget of information, but a potent one none the less.

When fans read a spoiler, they tend to interpret the event with their inner eye and make judgments on whether the plot point is a successful on or not.  This was similarly experienced in the Lost community when Jack's flash forward was revealed.  You had audiences reacting to the twist without having actually experienced it.  And the reaction was not altogether positive, for all the wrong reasons.

One Tree Hill
's shooting location, well outside of Hollywood in an authentic rural setting, makes it extremely difficult to lock down.  The production has, in many ways, invaded the life of the residents in the communities it shoots in.  Therefore, local ordinances aren't really engineered the way they are in a filming community to allow crews to block out public access.

When One Tree Hill goes on location, it is not uncommon for fans to walk directly up and talk to crew members, or even actors, and steel a glance at call sheets, or even find a loose-lipped crew member with no savvy for fending off guerrilla media.  For all intent and purpose, there is no reason to suspect that the conciseness of spoilers will be any less detailed than the fans want them to be.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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