What You Look for in a BFF From TV
What You Look for in a BFF From TV
Last week I asked people on Twitter and Facebook which TV character they'd want as their BFF. After looking through the responses, I realized that a BFF from TV falls into some rather interesting categories. Here are some of your responses:

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Friends with benefits:

Whether it is superficial or for protection, one of the top reasons for your choice Best Friend Forever is simply that you want something.

abitnerdy: Blair from Gossip Girl for the clothes!

x_rose_tyler_x: Robin Scherbatsky [How I Met Your Mother] because she's just as awesome and I need her to lend me her clothes thankyouverymuch

HeatherErin5: Brooke Davis [One Tree Hill] ... because I could get free clothes... hahaha

Kirsty Jack: Jack Bauer [24]!!! He could get you out of any situation

SaintMeewunk: Sam Winchester [Supernatural] for the amazing piggy-back rides.

Lori Sherman: Sookie [True Blood] because wherever she is there seems to be some really sexy vamps to follow case in point: Eric Northman!

Hotness counts:

I wonder if the summer heat is getting to you. Practically the first requirement for your BFF is they have to look the part. This shouldn't be too difficult considering you found them on TV.

Poetic_Line: Booth [Bones], of course. If I'm depressed, I could just look at him and cheer up. He's pretty funny too.

MizJaxon: Dean [Supernatural] hands down! Because I would be much less likely to fall in love with him and totally ruin our friendship.

millionsbyname: Sam [Supernatural]. He's intelligent and a gentleman and treats women so beautifully. We'd have to be friends with benefits though.

The package deal:

It's nice to travel in packs. Sometimes three, or four, or five is just better than two.There's no splittin' these characters up, you want the whole shebang.

jeffhardyzchick: I would want both [Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester] as my BFF because Dean is funny and Sam is serious so it balances out.

Heather Roonan: The girls from Friends because they have so much fun together.

Anna Retherford: Any of the ladies from Hot in Cleveland. They share a great bond and I'm loving them already!

Stick with tradition:

Even though some of you may be in it for the perks, there are still those of you who just want someone who is fun, loyal and trustworthy. 

ChoeBe: Temperance Brennan [Bones]. She is direct, fun, challenging with a true kind heart. She'd do anything for you. She'd always tell the truth.

JamieOnline101: I would want Haley Scott [One Tree Hill] has my BFF because she is smart and she just seems like she would be a really good friend.

micwj: I would love to be BFF with Angela [Bones] because she is such a nice person, so kind with everyone and a true person all the way!

Nelmari Marais: Callie Torres [Grey's Anatomy] I can do with a good honest trustworthy loyal friend ... one that understands

Vicky Kahlo Nolan: Tony Dinozzo [NCIS] because he's funny and good looking. He'd keep me entertained, plus he would always be a loyal friend, no matter what!

Jenna Hill: Shawn Spencer from Psych. He's so funny and has been getting away with tons of stuff in his life. You also would know you can trust him to help you as he's awesome. The '80s references are amazing too, fun and light hearted we'd get along well.

Keep the list going, who would you want as your BFF from TV?

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