One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray's Diva Allegations Live on
One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray's Diva Allegations Live on
According to a friend of former One Tree Hill guest star John Cates, Chad Michael Murray strong armed the producers to get rid of Cates after he began to suspect the star was flirting with Murray’s ex-wife and Co-star Sophia Bush.  All this in the wake of Murray and Bush’s tumultuous five month marriage falling apart due to rumors of Murray fooling around with Paris Hilton, and during the time that Murray was engaged to a teenage One Tree Hill extra.  Somewhere, there is a whole new show in all of this.

As with anything that comes within radar range of something this tawdry, no official comments have been made by anyone’s camp aside from the standard denial from Warner Brothers.   The WB formed a corporate shield around One Tree Hill by pointing out that it was executives at the network that approve casting changes, not cast and crew.

Gossip bloggers and tabloids have only the known fact of Murray and Bush’s mysterious abrupt divorce to back these new allegations.  Cates isn’t talking, but his friends are. "Chad told producers, 'It's no more John Cates or no more Chad Michael Murray,' because he thought John and Sophia were flirting." A friend of Cates told the New York Post.

Cates and Murray played intense onscreen rivals and the rumble in the Internet community is that some of that onscreen hostility may have spilled over.  On the other hand, some of that onscreen hostility may have just as easily spilled over into the imaginations of gossip hounds looking to add another chapter to Murray’s sordid romantic history.

One thing is for sure, Murray’s self destructing marriage to Bush and the 25-year-old actor’s recent engagement to 18-year-old Kenzie Dalton make fertile ground for rumor mongers. Whether that bolsters the credibility of these unsupported rumors, or not, is another matter altogether.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Source: The New York Post
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