One Tree Hill: Why You Should Give K-Fed A Chance
One Tree Hill: Why You Should Give K-Fed A Chance
Kevin Federline's first impression with the public was, to say the least, not a good one.  He left his pregnant girlfriend for Britney Spears, who has been in a downward spiral for quite some time now.  He released a rap album that was killed by critics and bought by hardly anyone.  His attempts to poke fun at himself, in a Super Bowl fast food ad, didn't get him many laughs. 

But Federline has tried in recent times to change our opinion of him.  He has helped try to clean Britney up and has been fighting to take responsibility of their children.  He landed a small role on CSI last year and will be seen on the upcoming season of One Tree Hill.  Fans are mixed to the casting but perhaps we should all give Federline a break and see if he can pull this off.  Here are the top three reasons to give the guy a chance.

#3 Because You Would Have Married Her, Too

Alright, let's go to K-Fed's personal life for a second.  His on again/off again relationship with Shar Jackson may have been taking its toll on the guy.  And if you backup danced for pre-meltdown Britney and she wanted to date you, you might just take her up on the offer.  Little did he know she'd go berserk and drive with her baby in the front seat, shave her head, go to rehab, and accuse her mother of sleeping with him.  The only person who might have seen that coming is Miss Cleo.

#2 Because The Cast and Crew Are On Board

In an interview with US Weekly, One Tree Hill executive producer Mark Schwahn had nothing but praise for Federline.  "People know a more bombastic version of him, but he seemed very humble and sweet to me - hardworking and well-intentioned," he said.  At this week's Teen Choice Awards, star Sophia Bush was asked what her opinion was of Federline.  "I haven't met him. I know nothing about him and it's rude to judge a book by its cover, so I don't have any comment about that," she told the press.

#1 Because You May Not Have A Choice

What started out as a guest appearance on One Tree Hill may just turn into something more prominent, according to US Weekly magazine.  According to Schwahn, K-Fed has only committed to two episodes as of now, but he had this to say about his future with the show.  "It won't be based on fan reaction. If we have stories to tell for his character and the dates line up, he'll come back."  And for those few who are fans of his music, he will be performing on the show, whether you like it or not.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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