One Tree Hill: Why Jamie Scott is the Best Character Ever
One Tree Hill: Why Jamie Scott is the Best Character Ever
One Tree Hill doesn't have the best track record when it comes to introducing memorable new characters.  Chances are you've already forgotten about such season 5 non-entities as Mia, Owen, K-Fed, and Mouth's ridiculously annoying boss.  You're also probably longing to push characters like Lindsey and Quentin from your mind, but the show insists on bringing them back and giving them storylines.  For every great new character that arrives on One Tree Hill, there seem to be five more that show up for a few episodes, make zero impact, and then disappear forever.

Fantastic new characters are hard to come by, which is why I have to give praise to one of the most lovable, adorable additions in the history of the series:  Jamie Scott.

Though it may sound like blasphemy to some, I'm really not a big fan of children in general.  I'm the type of selfish individual who likes saving money, sleeping in, and having lots of quiet time, so generally I don't mix well with kids.  Due to my desire to avoid most of the little ones, I'm also rarely wooed by the precocious tykes that appear on TV and in the movies.  They always come across like annoying know-it-alls who inevitably melt the hearts of the people around them.  It activates my gag reflex every time.

With my notorious aversion to the kiddies, I certainly didn't expect to enjoy the character of Jamie Scott, played by Jackson Brundage, when he first appeared this season.  Yet, despite my evil nature, he won me over from the start.  I felt warm inside when the Ravens practically adopted him, became oddly moved when Nathan (James Lafferty) helped him with his go-kart, and laughed heartily when he had nightmares about Vampire Dan.

However, none of these things can compare to what Jamie has been up to in the past two episodes.  In "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace," he actually brought a fluffy, adorable bunny to class for show and tell. This was some sort of supreme explosion of cuteness that morphed into a Care Bear Stare aimed straight at my heart.  Then, in last night's episode, Jamie performed a rap with one of my most hated characters, Quentin.  The beats he threw down were so irresistible that he even made me stop loathing Quentin for about 90 seconds.

It's not just that Jamie's adorable, which he is, but he's also completely innocent.  His attempts to understand the fractures in his parents' marriage, or why he's not supposed to like his grandpa, have made for some of the more moving moments this season.  His struggles prove that not everything on this show is about whether Peyton (Hilarie Burton) ends up with Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) or what evil scheme Dan will try next.  He's the beating heart of Tree Hill, and a symbol of how important it is for all of the characters to lead upstanding lives.

Jamie Scott has turned me into one of those annoying guys in the movies whose tough shell dissolves after he spends time with an adorable child.  If it can happen to me, then maybe Dan (Paul Johansson) really has changed for the sake of his grandson.  Jamie can melt even the coldest of hearts.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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