One Tree Hill: "What Comes After the Blues" Season 5 Finale Recap
One Tree Hill: "What Comes After the Blues" Season 5 Finale Recap
Last week on One Tree Hill, Lucas finally got it through his head that Lindsey has no desire to get back together with him.  Instead of handling this news with class and dignity, he started a fight, got drunk, and told Peyton that she's the cause of all of his problems.  Meanwhile, Mouth put his career in jeopardy to protect Lucas, Skills (Antwon Tanner) hooked up with Deb, and Dan plotted to kill a dying Reverend so he can get a heart transplant as quickly as possible.

In tonight's fifth season finale, Brooke is forced to give up her baby, and Lucas invites someone special to Las Vegas for a romantic romp.

Am I high?  The episode begins with Jamie (Jackson Brundage) singing "I Don't Want to Be" with random guest star Gavin DeGraw.  I wish the entire episode would be the adventures of Jamie and Gavin.  The next scene also makes me feel like I'm on drugs, as Lucas takes shot after shot after shot of alcohol.  He even loses his shirt and has a dog hanging around at one point.  It looks like he's still not handling the Lindsey thing very well.

Adorable Jamie wakes up a hungover, mohawked, nasty smelling Lucas (Chad Michael Murray).  I don't know how the heck he got a mohawk, but I demand he get rid of it immediately.  Nathan thinks he should do the same thing, especially since he has to attend a hearing to explain why he caused a big brawl at the basketball game last week.  He's currently suspended from coaching.  A couple of scenes later, Jamie is sporting a faux-hawk so he can look just like his Uncle Lucas.  Aww.

On the way to the hearing, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) tells a more clean-cut Lucas that he probably broke Peyton's heart by telling her he hates her.  Peyton tosses a water balloon on his car to express her inner turmoil, and Haley tries to talk some sense into Lucas.  She asks him to decide who he wants and to make up his damn mind.  It's about time someone told Lucas to make a decision.

In my favorite plotline ever, Dan (Paul Johansson) is delivering flowers to the nice Reverend.  Dan tells the comatose man that he's being selfish by hogging that heart all to himself.  The nurse comes in and asks Dan if he'd like to give the man a pillow.  Dan takes the pillow, holds it menacingly, and says, "You know what?  I just might."  Ha!  I love it.

Brooke gets a call from the adoption agent, who lets her know that it's time to return baby Angie.  She takes Angie to her John Barrowman look-alike doctor to ensure that she's healthy enough to make the journey. Barrowman-lite tells her that it's time to let the baby go.

Nathan (James Lafferty) isn't expecting to ever make it into the NBA, but he's still practicing with cocky, annoying Quentin anyway.  Q sends Jamie for some water, telling him to run back inside the gym if he sees any psycho nannies outside.  He then gives Nathan the old "Don't give up on your dreams" pep talk.  He thinks Nathan is scared of going after what he wants.

Haley meets with Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and assures her that Lucas doesn't hate her.  Haley produces much written proof of this, but Peyton still has trouble believing her.  To continue the never ending love triangle of doom, Lindsey arrives at Lucas's place and wants to talk to him.  She's finished editing his book, and apparently she couldn't mail it back to him like a normal editor would.  She tells him that his book is perfect.  He doesn't even need a second draft?  What kind of publisher is this?  Whatever.  Lindsey really came to tell Lucas goodbye.  She gives him a kiss and takes off, hopefully for good this time.

Just like Nathan is afraid to pursue basketball, Jamie is afraid to go back in the pool after his accident.  After a pep talk from his dad, Jamie finds the courage to jump into the water in slow motion.  I'm going to miss seeing the youngest Scott's adorable antics during the summer.

Dan tells the comatose Reverend that he needs to suck it up and take one for the team.  After all, the guy has lived a long, fulfilling life, while Dan still needs time to redeem himself.  I'm not sure killing a man is a great first step toward redemption, but of course Dan thinks it is.  After taking a look at the card from Jamie, Dan decides to do the right thing and not murder the Reverend.  Dammit!  Well, hopefully the guy will die a natural death, that way Dan can live to cause trouble for 40 more years.

Brooke (Sophia Bush) sends Angie back to her parents and calls Lucas for comfort, while Millicent consoles Mouth now that he's being shunned at work.  She tells him he should go to Omaha and pursue his other job opportunity.

Peyton, who has always been a fan of grand, pretentious gestures, has written a message to Lucas across the entire basketball court.  He sees it and calls Haley for advice, and she tells him that he shouldn't run away from her this time.  He should drop all the garbage and just give into love.  Lucas decides to use this cheesy advice as the dedication for his book.

It's going to be tough for me to recap from here on out, because I've just thrown my television out the window. You see, Lindsey doesn't really have a boyfriend.  She's been lying to Lucas this entire time, because deep down she misses him so much that she just wants to die.  Kill me now, please.  Maybe I should have smashed my head into the TV before tossing it off the balcony.  Seriously, why is every woman on this show so obsessed with Lucas?  It's really obnoxious.

Anyway, in the next scene of Everybody Loves Lucas, Brooke tells him that she loves him for helping to comfort her after the baby Angie thing.  She means it in a friendly way, but could deeper feelings be stirring underneath?

The sports broadcaster acting as Mouth's replacement fumbles things after the teleprompter randomly dies.  Mouth (Lee Norris) steps in and goes all Cyrano on him, feeding him lines so he doesn't make an ass of himself.  This is completely unrealistic and would never happen in real life, but this is TV, so Mouth amazes his superiors and gets a round of applause.  They're ready to take him back, but he quits instead.

In a plotline that goes nowhere this week, Peyton discovers that Mia met some guy on the road who knew Ellie.  After Peyton hangs up with her, Lucas arrives to explain that he doesn't really hate her.  He apologizes, and Peyton tells him that she often dreams about what things would have been like if she had said yes to his proposal.

As the episode wraps up, Dan is thrilled to learn that the old Reverend keeled over, Haley records a new song in the studio, and Nathan finds the courage to pursue his basketball dreams.

OH MY GOD!  After helping an old man pick up his cane, Dan backs into the street and gets hit by a car!  This is the 85th time Dan has been left for dead in a season finale of this show, but I'm still horrified.  His beeper goes off as he lies there bleeding in a crumpled heap, letting him know that his new heart is ready.  Curse this show for leaving me in suspense all summer!

In the final moment of the season, Lucas calls either Brooke, Peyton, or Lindsey from the airport.  He's headed to Las Vegas, and wants to know if the mystery girl will come along and marry him.  Oh Lucas, I don't have time to worry about your stupid romantic problems.  Dan is dying!  Somebody help him!

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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