One Tree Hill: Waiting for a 5th Season
One Tree Hill: Waiting for a 5th Season
One Tree Hill won't be airing a new episode until March 28th and, considering there isn't much in the way of One Tree Hill news out there, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss the show's prospects of getting picked up for another season.  The points in One Tree Hill's favor are many: it has a loyal legion of hardcore fans, it's already been on for four seasons, its popularity hasn't waned, and the show, creatively, is as good as ever.  That last point is arguable, but from the One Tree Hill fans I know, the word is that this year has been as good as ever. 

One Tree Hill has been on the verge of cancellation since it first hit the air.  The ratings have always straddled the line between acceptable and disappointing.  After every season, it's been a question whether or not One Tree Hill would be picked up for another season.  That kind of stress has to wear on a cast and crew.  So, One Tree Hill may not be the most profitable show on TV.  But, who cares?

Don't be greedy, CW.  Treat your fans right.  You will please millions of loyal viewers if you just renew One Tree Hill. Show some confidence in a show that has one of the most passionate fan bases of any TV show I have ever seen.  It's not like the CW has a big stable of great shows waiting to hit the air.  One Tree Hill is also one of the network's most critically acclaimed shows.  As far as I can tell, this shouldn't be too difficult a decision for the CW executives to make.

We probably won't hear a ruling from the network for a little while, but I know One Tree Hill fans won't be sleeping well until the CW announces its decision.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer