One Tree Hill: Slutty Wedding Sex
One Tree Hill: Slutty Wedding Sex
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
One Tree Hill has introduced me to many new concepts such as Fantasy Boy drafts and the website  Now we can add the concept of "slutty wedding sex" to that list.

I've heard of people hooking up at weddings, but I never knew the sex was slutty or that it took place in women's bathrooms.  Yet somehow every single character seemed to know about it.  I'm guessing it's a Tree Hill thing that probably has a lot to do with Brooke Davis.
The big mystery of the episode was who will have slutty wedding sex.  Though Chase was eager to get freaky and prove he's a 45-second man, not a 30-second man, and Miss Lauren wanted to use Jamie's leash for some naughty time with Skills, the really winners of the slutty wedding sex jackpot were Haley and Nathan.

The boring married couple who have seemingly been apart for most of the season thanks to Nathan's basketball dreams hooked up in a women's bathroom.  In an ironic way it's actually quite sweet because it means after all this time and after all this distance, they still love each other so passionately that they'll risk however many STDs you can contract from a toilet seat once used by Brooke.

There was a second, more hilarious incident of slutty wedding sex when Nick Lachey hooked up with the actress who was cast as Brooke Davis in the movie, though each were pretending the other was someone else.  I always appreciate when celebrities can make fun of themselves, and you have to respect Nick Lachey for mocking the fact that his little brother is now more desirable than he is.

While some people might think slutty wedding sex isn't romantic, One Tree Hill turned the concept into a series of conversations about relationships and we got to see where they're at.

Lucas and Peyton are just starting their life together (though based on her collapse, that could be relatively short).

Nathan and Haley are rekindling their romance.

Mouth and Millie are getting back into the rhythm of an old married couple.

Skills and Miss Lauren are new, young love, still full of sexual experimentation and fun.

Chase and Mia are heading in the right direction, happily rolling along to the next stop on a long life together.

And Brooke and Julian are...well, they're just frustrating.  Everyone knows they're in love and perfect for one another, yet one of them can't say "I love you" and the other resorts to trickery.

For perhaps the first time in One Tree Hill history, all of the pieces are in place for all of the characters to live happily ever after.  The only problem is that the CW renewed it for another season, so that happiness will certainly be shattered soon enough.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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