'One Tree Hill' Season 5 Preview
'One Tree Hill' Season 5 Preview
One Tree Hill fans who live local to the shooting have been relentless in uncovering and reporting spoiler after spoiler as production of the fifth season moves forward.  Now on the second episodes, the local snoops have so far been able to assemble a very good picture of what the first episode will look like.  Warning, this is a little beyond the level of your average TV Guide listing and may contain details some would consider major spoilers.
The first episode picks up, famously, five years after the finale.  Despite what you might expect, in the beginning the regulars are not all still living Tree Hill.  Most of them are actually spread out over the country.  Brooke is in New York and has become a famous fashions designer.  Peyton is in Los Angeles working for a major recording label.  Haley and Nathan are still in Tree Hill, Haley is now a teacher at Tree Hill High School.  Lucas has achieved his dream of becoming a big time writer.

The initial episode is about how those who have traveled away from Tree Hill over the course of the five years and inexplicably drawn back in unison.   For Brooke, it is the yearning for a simpler life, and a desire to settle down and start a family.  Lucas finds himself unable to write and decides to come back to Tree Hill, where it all began, to recharge his creative batteries.  Peyton, meanwhile, quits the record business and hobbles back broke and looking to reinvent.

Nathan is the most scarred character from the bunch, having missed out on his dream to become a professional basketball player, Nathan lives despondent.  He drinks constantly and has become a generally loathsome person.  In the first episode, he will start a bar brawl and is thrown through a window.   As a result of that, his life will be changed forever.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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