'One Tree Hill' Season 4 DVD Set Details Unveiled
'One Tree Hill' Season 4 DVD Set Details Unveiled
One Tree Hill fans can breathe a sigh of relief, the season 4 set is in the can and will be released… eventually.  Initial reports had the release date set for January 1, 2008, but TvShowsonDVD is currently reporting that date as incorrect.  As for the set itself, it's the standard fair for a television box set:  All the episodes, some extras and more.  Why is it being released so late, you ask.   The reason is very simple.

Since One Tree Hill is a mid-season  show, Warner Brothers will time the DVD release to coincide with the eve of the new season's premiere.   This is a time honored tradition in the television world, and a pattern you will see with very few exceptions.  Jericho being a notable one.

The blurb from the back of the packaging reads:

"Goodbye, Tree Hill High. Graduation nears. And with its approach comes the realization that, for students and parents alike, life is changing forever. There are new loves to nurture, old scores still to settle. The longtime triangle of Lucas, Peyton and Brooke finally comes down to two. The memory of Keith - or is it his spirit? - inspires Lucas and Nathan, and haunts Dan. Peyton is terrorized by a stalker. Two expectant mothers are about to raise Tree Hill's population stats. Lucas begins to wonder what really happened the terrifying day Keith died. And the Ravens - led by Coach Whitey Durham - have one last chance for hoops glory and the state championship. Live for now. Make way for what's to come. Hello, future..."

The extras are, as stated, predictable including: Unaired Scenes, One Tree Hill In Your Town behind-the-scenes featurette, James Lafferty: One Tree Hill Fourth Annual Charity Basketball featurette, One Tree Hill Time Capsule featurette, Commentary on three episodes by series creator Mark Schwahn and Key Cast and Crew, and the ever popular Gag Reel.

-Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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