'One Tree Hill' Recap: The Ultimate Sacrifice
'One Tree Hill' Recap: The Ultimate Sacrifice
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's One Tree Hill pretty much resolves all the major drama of the season, so I can only imagine the final three episodes of the series will be one long, happy farewell. Nathan Scott is rescued by the unlikeliest of trios and Xavier gets tazed. A lot.

Dan's Army of Misfit Boys

Dan teams up with Julian and Chris Keller to rescue Nathan with the intel he beat out of the drug dealer. It's enough to make me wish Dan, Julian and Chris Keller would've have more scenes together, because the strangely hilarious chemistry they have is perfect.

Julian helps a little, but Dan tells him to leave early because he has a family. Chris Keller doesn't, so he's more expendable. Dan busts into the abandoned building where Nathan is being held while Chris Keller runs over a giant guard with a car. Hooray for Chris Keller!

Dan gets inside, finds Nathan and rescues him. It's the kind of surreal, fitting moment where the father is finally redeemed. Dimitri shows up to shoot Nathan, but Dan jumps in and literally takes a bullet for his son. We're left without an answer, but it looks like Dan will probably die. It's feels right.

Nathan isn't out of the woods yet. After Nathan shoots Dimitri, the crooked cop shows up. Luckily Julian returns to hit him in the head with a shovel. So Julian saves the day? Given the way he high-fives, that's a bit of a shocker. The episode ends with Nathan and Julian over Dan's body dialing the phone, and then we see Haley answering a phone. There's no need to show us her face after that, because her happiness would burst our TV sets.

Tazin' Xavier

Karen's Café is demolished and Brooke has a total meltdown about it. She then commits a classic horror film mistake by going into a dark and empty parking garage. Xavier shows up and all ambiguity is out the window. He pulls a knife on her and threatens to rape Brooke. He's gone full-on serial killer at this point.

Xavier is just about to exact his revenge on Brooke when, thankfully, Tara shows up and tazes him. Then Brooke tazes him some more. So first Julian, now Tara. This episode is full of unlikely heroes.

Clay's Journey

With Dan Scott's fatal rescue of his son and Brooke and Tara taking down Xavier, the third storyline is kind of pointless. Clay and Quinn go on a late-night road trip so he can have a cathartic conversation with his dead wife. Good for him, now maybe he can pop the question. And Mouth can propose to Millie. And One Tree Hill can plan a big double wedding. And birds will sing and rainbows will appear and everything will be shiny and happy forever and ever. At least that's what I hope happens next, because I seriously need some happy, cheery fun after the rollercoaster of emotion this season has sent me on.

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