'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan Scott is Missing
'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan Scott is Missing
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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With Nathan missing, One Tree Hill's final season gets darker and more tragic than ever this week. Haley is desperate for answers, Clay is stuck in the nuthouse and we finally see Brooke and Julian's tragic moments previewed in the season's opening montage.

Haley's Search

Haley is frantic to find Nathan, so after pawning her kids off on Quinn (because babysitting seems to be her only role on this show), Haley begins the search. She gets a surprise assist from Chris Keller at the police station before heading the airport to learn Nathan was on his flight. When she finds the pink moose Nathan bought for Lydia on the sidewalk of the airport, she gets really worried. Whoever is in charge of cleaning Tree Hill International Airport needs to be fired, because that stuffed animal was just sitting there all night and all day.

Haley finally reaches the only logical conclusion: Dan is behind it. She confronts him and Dan admits that he burned down his diner in a last-ditch effort to earn more sympathy from Nathan so Dan could weasel his way back into his son's life. But he swears he knows nothing about where Nathan is. Haley doesn't believe him (and neither do I), so she locks her bedroom door, calls the cops and tells them there's a murderer in her house.

I might believe Dan isn't actually behind Nathan's disappearance, but I'm also pretty sure whoever is responsible is doing it because of something Dan did.

Brooke and Julian's Low Points

Brooke spends the episode engaged in cafe wars with Tara. First Tara infests Karen's Cafe with cockroaches, then Brooke learns she's sleeping with Chase, her old flame. Much like the Kraken, Brooke's inner bitch is unleashed. When she figures out Tara sent Julian a not calling him out for almost killing his kid, Brooke loses it, goes over to the rival cafe and smashes everything, which is what we saw in the season premiere.

As for Julian, he doesn't need any help blaming himself for what happened to Davis, and he gets so depressed that he goes to a bar, picks a fight and lets the guy beat the crap out of him, also as seen in the season premiere.

Clay's Fugue State

Over in crazy land, Clay's doctor reveals that Clay has a Dissociative Fugue Disorder, which is a fancy way of saying a split personality. To stop it, he needs to uncover a repressed memory. Clay remembers everything about his wife's sudden death and getting shot by a psycho stalker, so what more tragedy could there be in his past? Odds are its related to his dad (who we learn is dead), because Clay spends the day bonding with a little orphan boy who builds model planes.

Chase's Replacement

Finally, Chase's life keeps getting worse. Chuck is all about Chris Keller, and when he gets invited to meet Chuck's suddenly reappearing father, the dad ignores Chase. On the bright side, there's nothing quite like hot, angry sex with Tara to solve his problems.

Next week on One Tree Hill: Dan Scott channels his inner Liam Neeson and goes on a gun-filled rampage to find his son. We already saw him kill Nanny Carrie for trying to kidnap Jamie, so I'd hate to be the people who took Nathan.

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