'One Tree Hill' Recap: Lucas Returns and Things Get Worse
'One Tree Hill' Recap: Lucas Returns and Things Get Worse
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Chad Michael Murray is back on One Tree Hill! At least for one night. And while the sight of Lucas Scott should make things better, this week things for our favorite Tree Hillers go from bad to really, really, really bad.

A Brief Lucas Layover

The one and only Lucas Scott (now with greasier hair than ever) returns to Tree Hill, but he's only staying for a few hours. Aside from giving Haley a pep talk about how Nathan will be fine, he's there to take Jamie and Lydia back to wherever the heck he lives with Peyton and Sawyer. Haley thinks it's best that her kids not be around because she's freaking the freak out over her missing husband. I really hope they come back soon, mostly because I want more Jamie.

Nathan Escapes, But Not Really

Nathan is surprisingly calm against the cocky, quote-loving European hit man Dimitri. That's because he's formulating a plan, and when he wriggles himself free, he beats down the assassin and tries to run away. He's met by a cop (the same one helping Haley who got a stern talking to from Chris Keller), only it turns out this Tree Hill cop is working WITH the bad guys. He gives Nathan an unloaded gun and then knocks him out.

The worst part is that this cop has the stuffed animal Haley found, the only really clue to Nathan's disappearance. In a plot hole as big as this story is ridiculously awesome, she didn't give it to the original detectives on the case.

Is Clay the Big Bad?

OK, this is only speculation, but during this week's therapy sessions with Clay, it definitely felt like they were laying the groundwork for Clay to be the big bad behind Nathan's kidnapping. The doctor fixated on the notion that Clay is jealous of Nathan for having the perfect life and the perfect family. Also, I'm not 100 percent sure, but I believe the drug dealer Clay was buying from in his fugue state was the same one who showed up at the place Nathan is being held because he buys his drugs from the European assassin. That can't be a coincidence.

There's also a brief mention of how Quinn calls Clay "Sergio" when he tries on clothes for her. What if "Sergio" is the alternate fugue state personality of Clay, an evil sociopath who is trying to kill Nathan because Clay subconsciously resents Nathan's success?

I know it sounds crazy, but I really think this is where One Tree Hill is heading. At least I hope it is. This would be the craziest, most insane, over-the-top, wonderfully awesome thing to ever happen. Clay having a split personality where one loves the Scotts and would do anything to protect them while the other is trying to murder Nathan? That's the kind of amazingly silly and soapy storyline I love on this show.

Brooke's Attacker is Free

As if Nathan being kidnapped isn't bad enough, another devil returns to Tree Hill when Brooke learns Xavier (the man who attacked her in her store and killed Quentin) is up for parole. In my mind, his cellmate is Psycho Derek and they're being haunted by the ghost of Nanny Carrie.

Brooke meets him and speaks at his parole hearing, saying that he shouldn't be released because he's still evil and always will be. It's harsh, and in the episode's second biggest plot hole, it seems they released Xavier without warning Brooke. You'd think they might tell the woman he attacked (who just tried to keep him locked up) that he was free.

Chase vs. Chuck's Bad Dad

Chase and Chris Keller wake up after a night of partying in their underwear in bed, together (with a pair of strippers). I'm pretty sure there was a foursome going on, but whatever the case, I'm pretty sure Stephen Colletti has spent more screentime shirtless than clothed this season. Chase can't waste time worrying if he crossed streams with Chris Keller, however, because he's being called up to serve in the Air Force.

That's especially bad news for Chuck, who's losing his best friend. Worse, it appears that the absentee father who is back in Chuck's life might be beating him. So let's add child abuse to kidnapping, rogue cops and violent parolees on the long list of very bad things going down in Tree Hill.

Next week on One Tree Hill: Haley is called down to the morgue to look under the sheet. Is it Nathan? We'll find out soon enough.

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