'One Tree Hill' Recap: Dan and Haley Team Up and Kick Butt
'One Tree Hill' Recap: Dan and Haley Team Up and Kick Butt
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's One Tree Hill is a surreal mix of great triumph, intense sadness and supreme creepiness. But the only thing I really care about is how unbelievably awesome Dan and Haley are as a pair. No two people care more about getting Nathan back than these two, and to see them join forces makes me giddy.

Dan and Haley

Dan tells Haley about the drug dealer who knows Dimitri, and a plan is formed to get him to talk. That plan involves Haley dressing up like a Skankosaurus Rex, hitting on the drug dealer at a bar in the middle of the day and convincing him to go into the alley for some fun. Only Dan is waiting there and he lays a beatdown on the drug dealer that results in plenty of blood gushing from his nose.

The two take the drug dealer back to the soundstage where the torturing fun begins. Dan asks Haley to leave, and then it's time for Dan to do what he does best. This is the Dan Scott I love, a man who doesn't care about things like consequences, a man who just acts to do what needs to be done.

Brooke and Xavier

Xavier creepiness continues as he gets a job at Tara's cafe across the street. Tara doesn't care that she just hired a woman-beating, kid-stealing murderer and Xavier's parole officer thinks Brooke is crazy. Is it just me or are the residents of Tree Hill some of the worst people in the world?

Xavier eventually threatens Brooke, saying that he just wants to be left alone, but she's making that impossible. Part of me was hoping he really did change for the better and the moody, sinister music was misleading. But the final shot of Xavier standing in Brooke's house in the middle of the night holding one of her sons was quite possibly the creepiest thing this creepiest of characters has ever done.

Clay and His Son

After telling Quinn all about the son he forgot he had (news she takes surprisingly well), Clay goes back to bond with Logan. The result is a ton of insanely cute comic book discussions. Logan is too damn adorable for words. Clay finally gets up the courage to tell him the truth, only the happiness is ruined when Logan says he doesn't want to get to know his dad and runs out of the room. Well, that sucks.

Chase and Chuck

Chase is arrested for beating up Chuck's dad, and Chuck refuses to tell the cops that his dad was beating him because he's scared. Chase is almost dishonorably discharged from the Air Force, but Chris Keller, with an assist from his sexy twin secretaries, convinces Chuck to tell the truth. So Chase is still kicked out of the Air Force, but honorably, and he's not going to jail. So all things considered, it was a pretty good day.

Mouth and Skills

In the sweet but seemingly pointless E-storyline, Skills acts as Mouth's personal trainer to help him lose weight. They also visit Jimmy's grave, which is a wonderful nod to the show's past.

I feel like One Tree Hill is definitely wrapping things up by bringing back Lucas Miss Lauren and David and Deb and the memory of Jimmy. And now that there are only four episodes left, it's time for things to get really good.

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