'One Tree Hill' Recap: Bad Dads, Werewolves and a Big Mouth
'One Tree Hill' Recap: Bad Dads, Werewolves and a Big Mouth
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In the premiere of One Tree Hill's final season a lot happened and we saw a possible glimpse of everyone's tragic future (though I still think it might be a metaphysical hellscape). Sadly, not much happened this week as it felt like a lot of filler. What we did learn is that all the devils who returned last week (Dan Scott, Ted Davis and Chris Keller) are definitely up to something, and I don't think it's good.

Jamie Loves Grandpa Dan

Nathan isn't pleased that Dan is back in his life, but Jamie is. Dan seems to know that the only way back in his son's life is through his grandson, so he plays up the doting grandpa card, leading to Jamie asking his dad to let Dan stay. But Nathan doesn't agree.

Clay is a Werewolf

That sleepwalking thing isn't going anywhere and Clay is still on a downward spiral. The doctors can't help, but Clay has a big scouting trip to Europe planned, so he thinks he can just handcuff himself to his bed, werewolf-style. Jamie thinks this is the coolest thing ever, but Nathan and Quinn don't. Instead, Nathan decides to go to Europe so Clay can figure stuff out.

That doesn't seem like such a good idea. We see Clay at the pharmacy refusing to pick up his meds, which either means he's going to get psychiatric help or he might know more about what's wrong with him than he's letting on. And as Nathan leaves, he tells Dan to be gone when he comes back. Dan, on the other hand, promises Jamie he's not going anywhere. Just when I'm starting to think Dan has changed he goes and says something creepy and ominous.

The War of the Davises

Victoria and Ted have a mini-feud over Brooke. Victoria suspects that Ted is up to something shady with his desire to work with their daughter on Baker Man, but Brooke thinks her mom is just jealous. I have to agree with Victoria: Ted Davis is definitely up to something bad.

As for Julian, that man is desperately in need of a story, because for the past two episodes he's been stuck standing alone in an empty sound stage and eating coffee cake.

Chris Keller Wrote the Toaster Pastry Song

Do you remember Quinn's adorable toaster pastry song from last season?

"Toaster pastry, you look so good and yummy.
Toaster pastry, get into my tummy."

Well, in a coincidence worthy of Lost, we learn that it's actually a real TV jingle that was written by Chris Keller. It's also kind of important since it shows just how far Chris Keller's career has fallen.

Chuck and Alex Love Chris Keller

Chase wants to secretly move Alex's stuff into his apartment, which is both sweet and insane. He enlists his little buddy Chuck, but after one meeting Chuck falls under the svengali spell of Chris Keller and wants to be just like him. I still love Chuck (and we get to here some more of that song he wrote last season), and to be honest, all of this stuff almost made up for the lack of any actual plot in the other storylines.

If that's not bad enough, Chris Keller also succeeds in stealing Alex away from Chase, sort of. He talks her into touring to promote her new album, which means going back on the road and leaving Tree Hill for a while.

Marvin is Now Big Mouth

Finally, we learn what's going on with Mouth and Millie, and it's pretty big, literally. Mouth has gained a lot of weight, and Millie can't even bring herself to mention it to him. Other than introducing Big Mouth, there was no point to any of this storyline.

There are only 11 episodes left, so I hope One Tree Hill picks up the action, because I'm not sure I want to watch any more boring, filler episodes like this one.

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