'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan's Disappearance Solved?
'One Tree Hill' Recap: Nathan's Disappearance Solved?
I was happy to see lots going on on this week's One Tree Hill even if the pace of this episode wasn't as fast as I would have liked. It was great to finally start to find out what in Sam Hill, or Tree Hill, happened to Nathan. At least we now know Nathan was kidnapped by sports dealers who thought he was stepping on their toes signing their player. Too bad Haley and Nathan's peeps are still clueless.

Nathan's Nabbing

Those European basketball related powers that be weren't too thrilled to Nathan try to sign up who they see as as a player belonging to them. So, it looks like kidnapping was the only way to solve this? So much for good sportsmanship!

Back at Tree Hill, there's a lot of scrambling to try to get leads on where Nathan could be, but the biggest lead turns out to involve a man who seems much too frail.Dan asks Julian to help with the search. Salad crunching Mouth may have better information on solving Nathan's vanishing act, but is it too soon to tell for sure? I think so.

Searching for Answers

Quinn tells a stressed out Haley that the woods are being combed for any sign of Nathan. Speaking for Quinn, superhero obsessed Clay doesn't remember her at all despite their shared near death experience after being shot. I guess it's futile to mess with fugue.

Life is a Cafe

Chris Keller helps out the goal of getting more customers into Karen's Cafe by doing a little singing. This is fun and my favorite part of the episode! Then Chase argues with Chris a bit. They decide to be BBFs by engaging in some male bonding time together at the strip club! Well, that's Chase and Chris Keller for ya!

In Other News ...

Jamie blasts Dan and calls him a liar. On a much less stressful note, Lydia takes her first steps and it's a growth moment!

What are your thoughts on this week's One Tree Hill? Do you think Jamie should have told Dan he was a liar? Who do you think will find Nathan?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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