'One Tree Hill' Producers Hunting for new Ravens
'One Tree Hill' Producers Hunting for new Ravens
One Tree Hill producers are looking to form a new basketball team for next season, from real high school basketball players.   The production set up an open audition in North Carolina looking for players from eighteen to twenty five to form the Tree Hill Ravens for One Tree Hill's mid season return.  In case you didn't know, the show will be jumping five years into the future, so all of the actors who played team members will need to be replaced, even the extras.

The posting went up in an article on the Wilmington Star's website and advised potential actors/team mates that the show was looking for  “…experienced basketball players for season five of the CW television series. The show includes basketball story lines in which the ‘hero team,' the Tree Hill Ravens, will be featured.”

One Tree Hill overcame extreme on-the-bubbleness to earn an unlikely full season order.  The show will return with 22 new episodes in mid season with many of the loose ends behind us, and all the original characters leading much different lives.

One character, Lucas, will be leading a predictable life as the coach of the Tree Hill Ravens, so expect to see continued basketball action from actor Chad Michael Murray.

Like many shows on the CW, One Tree Hill seems to be returning with massive formula changes that could make or break the drama.  It has been accused of being gritty teenybopper fair in the past.  The jump ahead requires more mature story lines, which by its very nature means the target demographic needs to age as well.

Of course, viewers who started with one tree hill from the beginning have aged five years themselves, so for them it will be as if the show has caught up.  The question is, can a show that was formerly regarded as bubble gum appeal to a fresh adult audience?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Wilmington Star Online
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