One Tree Hill Finale Brings a Tone of Finality
One Tree Hill Finale Brings a Tone of Finality
It was clear from the One Tree Hill finale that the creators were excepting a cancellation over their eleventh hour renewal (thought by many to be a result of the Girlmore Girls contract snafu.)  The One Tree Hill  finale was full of self-fulfilling beginnings and ends to situations which leave plenty of room for plenty of new story material when the show returns mid-season.

If you haven’t heard already, One Tree Hill will take a huge leap forward when it returns, taking its characters four years into the future.   That is enough time for the writers to really reinvent the dramatic palette of the show, morph personalities, and cook up new grudges.

The finale itself was sometimes a little too cliché in its dramatics, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Karen(Moira Kelly) playing the parts of the lyrical character’s of Live’s Lightening Crashes.  Some might consider it a little tacky.  Ultimately, Karen runs into the afterlife personage of Keith who orders her back amongst the living.  (Hey didn’t another show do that a couple of months back… starts with a ‘g’… help me out here.)

Overall the tone of the episode with its theme of life, death, beginnings and change was definitely tempered to be a series finale more than a season finale.  In that sense, it left nothing for obsessed fans to clamor over during the long wait for the shows return.  Fans, instead, face the future of One Tree Hill with the sense of unknowing and hope that its characters do.

Things were resolved enough that the last scene, with the leads back on the court where the series started, would have made a fitting end to the series; their lives ahead of them, yet symbolic - in the location - that some things would never change.  The kisses, fights, and revelations were exactly what they should have been with no punches pulled.  Now there is only the mystery of what changes await after the series makes its time jump.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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