'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: What Happened Last Night?
'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: What Happened Last Night?
Joy Atkinson
Joy Atkinson
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With only one week left until Brooke's big day, One Tree Hill returned tonight after the dark and gloomy fall finale with a lighthearted episode in which the girls went on a The Hangover-type search for the truth about what really happened the night before at Brooke's bachelorette party. Haley's nice and relaxing spa party turned into a night of energy drinks and booze, a bad mixture.

The next morning the girls awaken to a series of mysterious circumstances. Sylvia has appeared. Brooke's ring has disappeared. Quinn has a new ring of her own ... in her mouth. Alex has a black eye, Milly's acquired a tramp stamp of boots, Dave Navarro's number is written in chocolate on Brooke's leg and there's a random skateboarding dog.

Where's Waldo the Ring?

Amidst all the confusion, Brooke is only concerned with remembering one detail from the night before: where she left her engagement ring. The six girls break up into two groups as Brooke, Sylvia and Haley go in search of the ring. They begin by visiting the concert hall where they are informed Dave Navarro and his band canceled their performance because Dave went bull riding with a bachelorette party. Thus, the girls venture to a bar famous for its drink "The Boot" which contains 15 types of alcohol all mixed together and poured into a cowboy boot (sounds sanitary). They also remember Alex flew off the bull and hit her head, one reason for her black eye.

The Mystery Continues

The bar is a dud as Brooke's ring is nowhere to be found. But there is good news! Sylvia's phone was found at the fire station. After getting her beloved phone back, I mean, it was about time, she had to go 12 hours with out it (gasp!), Sylvia decides to look through her photos to show baby pictures of Julian. (Did she take a picture of a baby picture of Julian so that it could be her wallpaper?) But instead of finding adorable pictures of baby Julian, Sylvia discovers pictures of the six girls at a sports bar partying with firemen, and they set off once again. (Side note: Why is Brooke still wearing the tacky fake ring?) The waitress at the bar asks Brooke about the guy she was making out with. UH OH! At this news Brooke absolutely freaks out. She is a horrible person! How could she do that to Julian? He won't love her anymore! The wedding is off! Except it's not, so don't fret. OTH has already sent out the classy Facebook invites.

Still No Ring, but They Found Dave!

Brooke and Sylvia then stumble on over to Clothes Over Bros, where they find a trapped Dave Navarro. Before heading off to a show, Dave asked how the girl he "nailed" is and thanks Brooke for helping him go through a box of condoms. Brooke breaks down, condemning herself for cheating on her fiancé. To calm Brooke down, Sylvia whips out some motherly advice saying, "Don't tell Julian." Because every good marriage begins with lies. Great advice, Sylvia! I hope my mother one day tells my fiancé to lie to me. Turns out Dave and the girls used the condoms as water balloons. While launching the water condoms at each other (just another typical bachelorette party game), Dave hits Alex in the eye with one, the second reason for her black eye.

Though Brooke is glad to have remembered the real usage of the condoms, she still fears Julian's reaction to her make-out session with an unknown guy. As she is venting to Sylvia about that, they remember a huge fight they had while wasted in which Sylvia criticized her son for marrying a girl who can't give him a family. She also said Brooke's selfish ways will keep Julian from his life in Los Angeles. Embarrassed by her drunken word vomit, Sylvia races out the door.

Kids Do the "Dogust" Things

Meanwhile, Milly, Alex and Quinn are on a search of their own to discover the meaning behind Milly's new tattoo. After learning from the tattoo artist that some frat boys had called her "Boots" (because of the footwear alcohol concoction she downed the night before), the girls head over to the frat house where they discover a flyer for a missing dog. Not only is the dog on the flyer their mysterious skateboarding friend, its owner is August Kellerman, Nathan's evil professor with an extreme hatred of athletes. They then remember after visiting Kellerman's house that they wrapped and egged his house before dangling meat in front of his dog to persuade it to get into the ice cream truck with them. Where did they get an ice cream truck? It was totally random and only seen in that quick flashback. Nathan ends up returning the Dogust to August and dazzles him with his newly attained knowledge.

In the end, after returning home to confess all her naughty behavior to Julian, Brooke learns that he was the guy she made out with, and he also took her ring so she wouldn't lose it. Oh the irony.

Julian then takes Brooke to the church where he shows her all the work he, Haley and even Sylvia put into making her dream wedding a reality. Sylvia paid for the whole thing and planned it exactly like Brooke had in her wedding book that Haley hadn't thrown away. Brooke and Sylvia make up after Brooke realizes how much Sylvia cares about Julian and Brooke being happy. With Peyton unable to attend the wedding, Brooke is without a maid-of-honor, so after giving Haley a speech about how much it has meant that she was there when Peyton wasn't, Brooke asks Haley to fill the spot.

This is it. What we have all been waiting for for eight years. Brooke is getting married. NEXT WEEK! The wedding will bring with it a lot of professions of love and, of course, drama. Tune in next week to see how the event goes down.

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