'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Babies and Baseball
'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Babies and Baseball
Joy Atkinson
Joy Atkinson
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New beginnings faced the Tree Hillers on tonight's episode of One Tree Hill as they set out on new paths. Brooke and Julian took the first steps toward adoption, Haley decided on a name for her baby, Fortitude gained a client, Jamie tried out for little league, and Millie had her first day of work.

Though most characters know where they hope to end up in life, others are beginning (or continuing) to question what they want in their personal and professional lives and how they will get there. The girls teased Quinn about the possibility of her and Clay getting engaged, making her wonder whether marriage was in the near future, while Mouth dealt with his inability to get a job by helping Millie handle hers.

Follow Brooke's Lead

In hopes of finally becoming parents, Brooke and Julian meet with pregnant 19-year-old Chloe about adopting her baby. During the interview, Brooke stretches the truth as she claims she has loving parents and is a successful clothing designer. Brooke is afraid that if Chloe learns that she is currently without a job after losing her company she will not pick Brooke and Julian to be the parents.

Speaking of unemployment, Mouth still has not found a job. Meanwhile, Millie starts her first job as a broadcast journalist where she discovers there's more to the job than looking pretty for the camera and reading from a teleprompter. Since he is absolutely adorable and has never been able to deny the damsel in distress, Mouth wrote some of Millie's stories for her and helped her practice in front of a camera. I really hope Millie stays away from that opium and stays with Mouth. He is so good to her.

About to Pop

With only a short time before the birth of her second child, Haley comes up with the perfect name for her baby girl. She decides to name her daughter Lydia after her mother. Quinn and Brooke throw Haley a surprise baby shower (though Quinn ruins the surprise), and the girls of OTH, sans Mia, celebrate the occasion.

In the middle of the party, Chloe shows up to bring Brooke and Julian some cookies and Brooke invites her to stay even though none of her friends know about the adoption plans. Millie and Victoria freak out Chloe with their drug and jail talk ("I went to prison. It happens."), and she questions whether Brooke and Julian are the right people to parent her child. Despite Haley's beautiful toast to Brooke where she boasted about how great of a friend Brooke is and how she saved Jamie's life, Chloe still isn't persuaded to choose Brooke and Julian. By the end of the episode, however, Chloe came around and decided to give her child to the happy couple. Yay!

There's a New Sport in Town

Move over basketball, baseball has arrived. Jamie decided not to follow in his father's footsteps as a basketball player and has taken up baseball. With Nathan, Clay and Julian as the coaches, Jamie auditions tries out for a little league team and makes it. Chuck also makes the team, though he is just about the worst player ever and gives Julian a congratulatory "Chuck." Julian, on the other hand, congratulated the kids with one of his famous high fives. Though Julian is a great character and adds to the storyline and I love him, the writers do go out of their way sometimes to make him look stupid. At times I wish they'd make him seem a little more mature. That said his butterfly catching was adorable nevertheless.

Though they know evil Professor Kellerman will not be happy, Nathan and Clay sign Ian Kellerman to their agency. Ian is kind of a pain in the butt most of the time, but I suspect he'll become Nathan's Mia as the former basketball star mentors the rising baseball star. I mean, Ian is practically a teenage Nathan. Or maybe Ian will remain a jerk and we'll all hate him until the end of time. Nevertheless, it looks like Ian will be around for a little while.

Why Does This Seem Familiar?

Uneasy after all the engagement questions, Quinn is taken aback by a garden she and Clay pass on the way home. Though she can't figure out why, Quinn feels like she's been there before. In a flashback to their time in purgatory, we find out that this is the same garden Clay and Quinn visited after being shot. This scene intrigued me. Does their prior visit to this garden have some sort of importance? Will they remember their time in purgatory? There must be some reason why the writers chose to bring that back up now.

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