'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Coming Full Circle
'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Coming Full Circle
Joy Atkinson
Joy Atkinson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With only one episode remaining in the season and no official announcement from the CW, One Tree Hill gears up in case of cancellation while leaving doors open for the future in case of a renewal. As the characters we have followed for eight years take on new roles, their children begin a new generation of Tree Hillers who will grow up in the same environment.

Save the River Court

Jamie may like playing baseball, but basketball is still the show's rock. When Nathan, Mouth and everyone else got word of the potential destruction of the court they grew up on, their passion for protecting the landmark displayed their continued love for sport and landmark that made them who they are.

The River Court was the home to many of the characters' pivotal life moments: Mouth began his sports announcing there, Lucas and Skills spent hours playing basketball everyday, Nathan and Lucas played together there for the first time as enemies and Nathan worked his way back into NBA shape after the accident that put him in a wheelchair. Without basketball, and more importantly the River Court, the men we've come to love and cheer for would not be same. OTH would not be the same.

In tonight's episode, "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," the legacy of the River Court was passed down to Jamie and Chuck. The boys now have their own memories of the Court after spending the night camped out trying to capture footage of an endangered bird, and it will be a part of their lives as it was their parents' and mentors' lives. At the end of the episode, Jamie, with Nathan's encouragement, shoots a basket. The pair symbolizes what Nathan and Dan could have been. With the help of August Kellerman and reflection due to the birth of Lydia, Nathan is realizing the impact everything Dan did and wants to be a good father to his kids.

The Return of Karen's Cafe

With her pregnancy still a secret, Brooke heads to Puerto Rico with Quinn, Alex and Lauren. The girls spend a few days soaking up the sun, and Quinn does a photo shoot for B. Davis Magazine. While Lauren is busy getting wasted, losing her shirt and sending semi-nude photos to her eight-year old student, Haley is stuck back in Tree Hill all by herself. She puts the time to good use, however, and when Brooke returns from her trip, Haley asks her if she can reopen Karen's Cafe. Brooke agrees and asks to be Haley's partner.

Karen's Cafe is back. Sans Karen, but I don't really care because I am just so happy. The cafe was home. Haley and Lucas grew up helping Karen run the small business. So many of the scenes from the first four seasons took place there, and now Haley and Brooke get to take over, so their own children can grow up in the cafe.

OTH is coming full circle as the characters we watched grow from teenagers to successful college graduates to parents become the adult figures. I don't mean to imply that the show will center on the kids now, but the writers really showed the growth and maturation of the characters in this episode.

The end has come (for season 8, at least). Next Tuesday is the season 8 finale with a visit to Dan (yay!) and time jumps to witness Brooke's pregnancy and the birth of her baby (or babies). After years of wishing, near adoptions and crushed hopes, Brooke really is going to be a mother.

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