One Tree Hill: Episode 5.2 "Racing Like a Pro" Recap
One Tree Hill: Episode 5.2 "Racing Like a Pro" Recap
The first half of the two-hour One Tree Hill season premiere showed us how the character's lives had deteriorated over the past four years.  Lucas was struggling with writer's block, Nathan was an angry, drunken man in a wheelchair, Brooke was rich and miserable, and Peyton was learning the harsh realities of the record industry.  Now the gang is moving forward, piecing their lives back together and preparing to rekindle their friendships.  Can anything ever be the same when so much has changed between them, or are they destined to follow diverging paths?

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This episode kicks off with Brooke (Sophia Bush) attempting to surprise Lucas while he sleeps, but jumping on a very confused Lindsey instead.  Lucas comes home, sees the two girls in bed together, and wishes he had a camera on him.

Mouth arrives at the news station for his first day of work, only to run into his insanely bitchy boss.  Bitchy Boss basically tells Mouth (Lee Norris) that he's ugly and will forever be doomed to do monkey work around the station.  Mouth looks dumbfounded while I long to throw tomatoes at his evil manager.  Mouth may not be a supermodel, but I'd hardly cringe and cover the eyes of nearby children if I saw him on my local newscast.

Not only is it Mouth's first day at work, but it's Haley's as well.  Her first day also doesn't go smoothly, as she has to deal with horny teenagers who want to make lewd jokes about her sexy schoolteacher routine.  One of the rude teens happens to be Quentin, an aspiring Ravens player who is being coached by Lucas (Chad Michael Murray).  I have a feeling he won't be playing much basketball if he continues to give Haley a hard time.

After Brooke fills Peyton (Hilarie Burton) in on Lindsey's existence, the two girls go visit Nathan with a proposition: they'll kiss each other every time he takes a step out of his wheelchair.  Before the hot lesbian action can begin, they're interrupted by Haley and little Jamie, who is running around with a cape on pretending he's a superhero.

While Nathan and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) are arguing over his endless whining, the potential new nanny stops by for an interview.  Her name is Carrie, and Haley decides to go ahead and hire her immediately.  If I were Haley I'd be hiring a nanny that looks like Mrs. Doubtfire, because bringing a sexy young lady into the house is just asking for trouble.  Doesn't Haley watch soap operas?

After a night of drinking too much wine, Mouth and Brooke fell asleep together, thankfully with all their clothes on.  This makes Mouth late for work, where Bitchy Boss, who is actually named Alice, says something ridiculously bitchy.  Seriously, I want to throw her off a cliff.

Peyton wheels Nathan (James Lafferty) to the hospital so he can get his paralysis problem looked at, and luckily she's not putting up with his crying.  She tells Nathan to shut his whiny mouth, and demands that he look around at all the dying little children and realize how bad things could actually be.  Take that, Nathan!

Over in the plot of no real importance, Skills and Lucas are helping Jamie test out his shiny blue go-kart. Thankfully they test it with a dummy first, because a wheel falls off the kart and it goes careening into a hay bale.  It's as wacky as a B-plot from a Full House episode.

Over at a bustling nightclub, Haley, Lindsey, Carrie, Peyton, and Mouth are having a night out.  The night turns to awkwardness when Peyton meets Lindsey for the first time and doesn't despise her.  It's also awkward when Peyton and Brooke sensibly tell Haley that Carrie is way too hot to be Jamie's nanny.  Listen to the girls Haley, they know what they're talking about.

On the walk home from the club, Brooke tells Peyton that she should forget being a lowly record company drone and start her own record label in Tree Hill.  She even offers to invest some cash in it.  Lucas arrives, Brooke runs off, and we flash back to Lucas's first book signing, which Peyton neglected to attend.  Peyton says that she didn't show up because she knew they weren't meant to be.  If that's the case, there's no reason to feel jealous about Lindsey, now is there?

The next day, Jamie is gearing up for his big go-kart race, which Nathan is refusing to attend because he has to attend Moping Class at that time.  He then has Whining Hour immediately afterwards, so he can't possibly go to his four-year-old's big event.  I think Nathan needs a slap, and I'll be first in line to deliver it.  No signature necessary, Nathan.  This slap is free of charge!

Jamie is getting ready to start his big race, but suddenly flashes back to the horror of the dummy crashing into the hay bale.  These episodes now officially have more flashbacks than a season of Lost.  Jamie bows out of the race, deciding that he'd rather keep his head on his shoulders and not have it smashed on the pavement.

Back in Nathan's House Of Sulkiness, Nathan is busy sulking.  Shocking, I know.  Haley comes in and starts yelling at him, calling him out for becoming the same type of neglectful father that Dan was.  Nathan tries to defend his attitude, but Haley isn't having any of that nonsense and even breaks some beer bottles to prove her point.  Unfortunately she doesn't break them over Nathan's head, but that's what happens in my personal version of this scene.

Thankfully the other Scott brother is more tolerable, as he offers Peyton a space to start up her record label. Peyton then admits that she did attend his book signing way back when, but she saw Lucas with Lindsey and didn't approach him.  Peyton gives him an inspirational speech to help get him started on his second book, which will hopefully have nothing to do with ravens.

Haley decides to take some of her vigor from home into the classroom, and tells cocky Quentin that he can shut his smart mouth or get out.  Quentin chooses to leave, and also finds out that Lucas didn't put him on the basketball team.  Meanwhile, Nathan is finally doing something besides being an annoying cry-baby.  He throws himself into the swimming pool and begins working on his legs.

Brooke calls Clothes Over Bro's and tells them that she's going to run her business out of Tree Hill from now on.  More specifically, she's going to run it out of the old building that Karen's Cafe was in.  The episode ends with Nathan finally deciding to be a decent father and taking his son out to face his fears in the go-kart. It's about time, Nathan.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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