One Tree Hill: A Peek Behind the Scenes
One Tree Hill: A Peek Behind the Scenes
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
While the filming of One Tree Hill season 5 is currently underway, show production designer Alan Hook shares some set-production details that will hopefully entice viewers for the upcoming season.
For four seasons, fans have seen the characters' respective bedrooms and how each of their spaces reflects their personality.  But for season 5, there will be some major changes and several new sets to accommodate the new drama waiting to be unfold.

“Now that we're jumping ahead, we pretty much got rid of everything we had.  We're starting new. As far as the look of the show, everybody's in new places.  We're sticking with the same sort of feel of the show, but everything's updated.  The kids are a little more mature, and we're trying to show that with the feel of their spaces.  We're trying to show where the characters are in their lives four years later.  There are a lot of things we did on the set to show where they are.  It gives backstory without having to say everything they're doing.  We try to add that backstory to all the characters so you don't have to spell it out to the audience,” Hook told The CW Source.

“We had 30 new sets for the first episode.  It's all looking great.  Everybody's excited about this new direction that everybody's heading in,” he added.

Working as part of One Tree Hill's production is fun and fulfilling though it entails a lot of challenges, according to Hook.

“In general, the pace of television production makes everything move at a breakneck speed.  We're filming a new episode every eight days.  We'll get a script, and if we're lucky we'll get it eight days before it starts shooting.  In those eight days, we have to come up with everything: we design it, build it, and get it up in time,” he explained.

Fans can catch 22 new episodes of One Tree Hill season 5 starting on Wednesday, January 2 on The CW.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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