One Tree Hill: Spoilers, Sex Tapes, and the Downfall of Mankind
One Tree Hill: Spoilers, Sex Tapes, and the Downfall of Mankind
Tonight, One Tree Hill was rocked by a sex tape scandal. 

Read that last sentence again.

Think about it.

Okay.  Now, if you're like me, this news does not shock you.  The fact that high schoolers would make a sex tape, be foolish enough to not destroy it, and then have it accidentally be shown at a high school party seems entirely plausible.  Sex tapes have become normal, common, even helpful in our society.  But, shouldn't we be shocked?  To be clear, I don't have my soap box with me; I'm not a crusader and I'm not going to preach.  I just find it interesting (and kind of funny) that I'm not shocked at the audacity of a high school drama employing a sex tape as a plot device.

Five years ago, this would likely be national news.  Cable stations would be inundated with pundits arguing over the harm such a story line will do to our nation's youth, how the CW is being irresponsible, etc.  However, we haven't heard a peep about the story in the media and the CW has had no problem running promos that highlighted the sex tape aspect of the episode. 

I believe this is for two distinct reasons.  First, sex tapes seem to come out every week featuring wannabe celebrities, mostly under dubious circumstances, that are meant to give the participants some free publicity.  Second, every network already airs TV shows with preposterous amounts of sex and violence. 

The rise in sex tapes is a clear signal that we, as a country, are obsessed with fame.  Paris Hilton (as much as I despise everything about her) is the perfect example of a sex tape both enhancing the participant's status as a celebrity and nullifying what common sense would deem as a personally damaging event.  Paris Hilton is a celebrity for no other reason than she's a celebrity.  She has no talent, is by all accounts an awful, mean person and brings absolutely nothing positive to the table.  Unfortunately, she happens to be rich and marginally attractive.  Her lack of anger over her sex tape allowed that sort of “work of art” to become culturally acceptable.  The One Tree Hill story, therefore, isn't new and it isn't shocking.

TV shows like CSI, Nip/Tuck and others have made over-the-top sex and violence not only acceptable, but desirable.  CSI, especially (and this not a knock on the show), has shown that dead hookers and disgusting sex acts gone wrong get viewers.  A conspiracy theorist I am not, but it just wouldn't be good business for MSNBC, FOX News and the like to throw their own shows under the bus.  Thus, no outrage over One Tree Hill.

Again, I'm not arguing that there should be outrage.  I'm glad that One Tree Hill is allowed to go in whatever story direction they want.  I just don't think that the reason for the lack of an uproar is the right one (that being a general open-mindedness), but because other instances in the media have deemed One Tree Hill tame by comparison. 

So, discuss amongst yourselves.  I guess.

Anyway, we have spoilers for next week's episode, entitled “Riders of the Storm”.  These spoilers are from

This episode is the morning of the prom. Lucas and Peyton don't have sex in this episode. They just get really close to it and gets interrupted. The interruption has to do with the revelation of N/B's secret past revealed through a sex tape. And when Peyton finds out about N/B's past, she will punch Brooke (it is unclear whether she learn this news at the party or later on). There is a scene between Haley and Nathan in the episode that Paul directs where they did the scene once or whatever and then the second time or whatever Paul told her to pretend like Michael had just cheated on her.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer